Tuesday, September 11, 2012

BBAW 2012 Interview with The Book Vixen

I was honored to do an interview swap with Brianna at The Book Vixen. I had an enjoyable time deciding what questions to ask to get to know this blogger further. Please read further to learn more about the Vixen.

Date: Tell us about your blog. The collaboration of three bloggers, how you hooked up, why you came together for such a wonderful adventure, and anything else about working together instead of solo on the blog. Personally I would love to collaborate with others and wonder what leaps and bounds you've had to overcome and how you work through “new things” on the blog.

Vixen: I started The Book Vixen in August of 2009 and it was a one vixen show for 2 ½ years. I had my 3rd baby last Fall and since then, my reading time has dwindled. So I put a call out for associate reviewers and I now have J9 and Rhee on board. Both have a review style that is similar to mine, yet they bring something unique to the blog. And I’m currently looking for a YA reviewer to bring in to the mix.

Date: Tell us about your Men in Uniform Challenge. What should a reader try and accomplish with such a challenge and how can they participate?

Vixen: Who doesn’t love a man in uniform, right? I love books that feature a hero in uniform, whether it’s a doctor, police officer, firefighter (my personal favorite), or someone in the military. To complete the challenge, read as many books that feature a hero in uniform as you’d like; you set the goal. This is my 2nd year hosting this particular reading challenge and it’s coming back next year as well. It’s not too late to sign up for this year though. Just check out this post for details and to sign up.

Date: Even though you mainly read romance do you ever read any other genres? If so, do you review on your blog, or how do you handle this?

Vixen: Whatever I read, I review on the blog; no matter the genre. I don’t limit myself to reading and reviewing just romance but that’s what I enjoy the most so that’s the majority of what is on the blog. I have reviewed autobiographies and other non-fiction, though only a select few.

Date: Tell us about your read-a-long. Elemental Assassin series. Do you participate in a read-a-long for discussion, motivation to finish the series, or what other reason? What are your other favorite series and/or trilogies in the genres that you read?

Vixen: I decided to do an Elemental Assassin series read-a-long for both those reasons; for discussion and to finish the series. I read the first two Elemental Assassin books last year and fell in love with Gin and her world. I haven't been able to continue reading the series, though I have bought and pre-order every book that comes out. So I decided to fix this, with a read-a-long. I asked on Twitter if anyone would be interested in joining me and quite a few people were. And so a read-a-long was born. I asked Ash from Smash Attack Reads if she’d like to host with me, since she was just starting to read the series and was loving it as well, and she was thrilled to. I can’t wait for our first discussion on September 28th!

Date: Besides blogging, how else do you participate in social media or the book community? What do you love best about the blogging and/or book community?

Vixen: I love being on Twitter. It’s what I like to call ‘my playground’. It’s where I go for book recommendations and book chatter. It’s easy to converse with fellow bookworms and there’s something always going on. I love the camaraderie best. I’ve gotten to know some awesome people in this community. There are so many people that go out of their way to help others. We bookworms are passionate people.

 Date: Final question: If you were asked for a book recommendation, without any other information from the potential reader, what book would you recommend and why?

Vixen: The Hunger Games trilogy. It’s the type of story that has the ability to appeal to the masses. These characters resonate with people from all walks of life. The bleak and gritty dystopian/post-apocalypse setting draws you in; the determination and perseverance these characters possess grips you; and the way the story unfolds takes your breath away, literally.
 Thanks for taking the time Brianna!! It was a great interview. Make sure you all stop by her blog. She has some great stuff going on.


  1. Nice to find your blog, I love the Book Vixen :) Happy BBAW

  2. I'm a hugre reader of The Book Vixen, even if I'm not the best commentor. Great interview.

  3. Good to get to know both you better through your blogs! Great Blog! Happy BBAW! :)

  4. It was nice to get to know you Dalene! Thanks for being my interview swap partner :)