Saturday, November 3, 2012

Indie Author Review: Beautiful in my Eyes


Title: Beautiful in My Eyes
Author: Jewel Adams
Genre: Romance
Publish Date: June 10, 2012
Personal Rating: 3.5 stars

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About the Book:

Giselle Mackenzie has a great life. She is the mother of an adorable little boy, the wife of a painfully-handsome Scotsman, and the daughter of one of the best men she has ever known. She is selfless and a comfort to everyone around her.

But Giselle is about to face a personal trial that will shake the self-confidence she has always owned and cause her to question her worth.

Julian Mackenzie loves his wife more than life itself. When an emotionally painful ordeal rocks her world, Julian is determined to be the the knight she needs and prove to Giselle her value is beyond any price.
My Review:
I chose to read this book after receiving a request to review by the author. I was very much taken by the synopsis which is very fitting for the book.

The author tells an amazing love story not only between husband and wife, but between father and daughter. She also takes a very serious medical problems and weaves it into the story. Thanks to the author for sharing.

Overall I very much enjoyed the story and the point that beauty is what is inside. This book was a quick read first that it is only 76 pages long and that the story didn’t get too involved.

At times I felt the writing was jumpy and was quickly taken from one setting or idea to another instead of a smoother transition. This didn’t completely take away from the story and I was able to enjoy what I had read and enjoyed all the characters and their interaction.

I recommend this book as a pick me up or for someone who is struggling with their outward appearance, this is a great story of encouragement.

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