Monday, May 20, 2013

Cozy Mystery Series Highlight

I have decided to dedicate Mondays to cozy mysteries. Each Monday that I can, I will provide a cozy mystery review. On those weeks I don’t have a review ready, I will either highlight a series or upcoming releases. While I love all genres, I would have to say I tend to read cozy mysteries more than any other genre (subgenre) put together.

In looking through my bookshelf and finding another cozy to read, I grabbed this book off the shelf:

I've discovered a fun series with currently four books in the series, in a new theme featuring soap operas. This is a theme/setting I have not read before. (Review of this specific book next week.)

First in a fun new soap opera MYSTERY series written by an emmy®-nominated soap star...

She's bold. She's beautiful. And she's about to go to jail for murder...

Soap opera actress Alexis Peterson has starred in the nation's top soap opera for almost 20 years. But her career takes a nose-dive when Marcy Blanchard is hired as the head writer. Little did Alexis realize that Marcy's been holding a grudge all these years and is ready to take her revenge.

So when Marcy turns up dead, bludgeoned to death with her Emmy®, no one is surprised that Alexis is the prime suspect. No one except Alexis, that is, who knows she has to take matters into her own hands if she wants to avoid being arrested for a crime she didn't commit and becoming the real killer's next victim...

Soap operas can get so dirty

Tabloids and fans are stunned when daytime soap opera star Alexis Peterson leaves her show. She's too busy with her new job as presenter at the Daytime Emmy(r) Awards to even notice. But when a co-presenter goes missing on award night, Alexis is determined to find who is killing Hollywood's biggest and brightest before another burns out...

 Alexis Peterson is delighted when her friend, ex-Playboy Playmate Shana Stern, invites her to Hugh Hefner's infamous Halloween party. But the fun ends when, after a few drinks, Shana is found dead. Alex's investigation leads ger to a soap opera convention in Las Vegas, and bodies continue to pile up on the strip. She must catch this killer who is more vicious than any television critic...

The storm's not the deadliest thing in town!

Alexis Peterson finds herself not only drawn into another murder mystery
but also into the dark and twisted world of couples that "swing", in the fourth novel in the bestselling Soap Opera Mystery series by Eileen Davidson.

Check out the link for the entire series here and remember to check back next week for a full review of book one in this series.

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  1. That's great. I love cozies and it would be good to have a review to help decide if I want to buy or read it. Will be looking forward to Mondays!