Friday, May 3, 2013

Financial Friday Book Reviews

Fridays are dedicated to Financial Matters. At the beginning of the year I decided to take the money horse by the reigns buckling down to pay off debt and save for retirement. Every Friday I share a part of what I learned and implemented, whether the outcome was positive or negative, and what I’ve learned.

Part of this included reading several books. Ah, ha, that's how this ties into this blog. Just kidding. I read several books and will include my reviews on those throughout the weeks to come.

Total Money Makeover, A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness
by Dave Ramsey

The success stories speak for themselves in this book from money maestro Dave Ramsey. Instead of promising the normal dose of quick fixes, Ramsey offers a bold, no-nonsense approach to money matters, providing not only the how-to but also a grounded and uplifting hope for getting out of debt and achieving total financial health.

Ramsey debunks the many myths of money (exposing the dangers of cash advance, rent-to-own, debt consolidation) and attacks the illusions and downright deceptions of the American dream, which encourages nothing but overspending and massive amounts of debt. "Don't even consider keeping up with the Joneses," Ramsey declares in his typically candid style. "They're broke!"

The Total Money Makeover isn't theory. It works every single time. It works because it is simple. It works because it gets to the heart of the money problems: you.

While there is a lot of information posted on the web about his theories and methods, I did enjoy reading through the pages of his book. Worth the time in reading even if you feel you have read enough about and from Dave on the internet. You’re able to get all the information and detail regarding one topic. Answers some of the questions you may have specifically related to one topic that on the internet, someone may not have had the same concerns or questions. Definitely worth reading if you’re serious about financial fitness.

Money Answer Book
by Dave Ramsey

This quick and simple, question and answer book is the perfect resource for equipping individuals with key information about everyday money matters. Questions and answers deal with 100+ of the most-asked questions from "The Dave Ramsey Show"-everything from budget planning to retirement planning or personal buying matters, to saving for college and charitable giving. This is Dave in his most popular format-ask a specific question, get a specific answer.

I was lucky enough to see this on the shelf next to the Total Money Makeover and figured I give it a read as well. I thoroughly enjoyed this book in addition to the information I had learned on the internet. The book is a serious of questions asked by people regarding the Total Money Makeover and Dave takes his turn in answering the questions.

It was a quick read because if you didn’t have the same question you could just move to the next one. This book was really good because it hit all the minute detail regarding the specifics to his financial program. It provided examples that real people had and you could see how it was applicable in “real” lives.

I would definitely recommend at least checking out the above two books from the library to read while tightening up your financial program. They would also be a great present for newly married couples and college graduates.

All in all, there are some things I do not agree with, but overall Dave’s theories have some great ideas and direction. Both of these books helped to provide additional insight and clarification to better adjust how to handle my financial situation.

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