Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Book Review: Redeemed by Kerrigan Byrne

Title: Redeemed (MacKay’s #2) (Highland Historical #5)
Author: Kerrigan Byrne
Genre: Historical Paranormal Romance
Publish Date: April 21, 2013
Personal Rating: 4 Stars

About the Book:
To a Banshee, revenge is a dish best served screaming...

Kylah MacKay was brutalized and burned alive, but denied her vengeance by a cruel twist of fate. She's drawn to the one man more damaged then her, and becomes a pawn in an ancient war that may cost her very soul. Somehow this man, who has no use for emotion or love, awakens dangerous desires she'd thought died with her.

He's a man out of time...

Daroch McLeod is a ruthless and brilliant Druid driven by a single purpose: Retribution. Abused and tormented, he's promised not to stop until he's retaliated against his immortal captors. And he's never been closer to his goal. Daroch refuses to let the beautiful, inquisitive Banshee, who haunts his every step, uncover his deadly secrets.

Can two souls searching for vengeance find redemption instead?

My Review:
Second book in the MacKay series and story centering around Kylah who is a Banshee. The author has developed more paranormal ideas in this story and building a new world. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love the ideas she has with the interactions of the Banshees and the Druids. The love story is also amazing. Love the ideas and concepts that are not traditional at all due to circumstances that are not normal. A very magical story.

I loved both the hero and heroine, Daroch and Kylah. Their story is amazing and their obstacles they have to overcome. Their interaction with one another just made me fall in love with them. Daroch is just one big teddy bear.

“What do ye know of my heart?” he thundered. “Not a thing,” she admitted gently. “But we are Banshees. We’re drawn to sadness, anger, and loss. Thus is our nature.”
Byrne, Kerrigan (2013-04-21). Redeemed (Heroes of the Highlands) (The MacKays #2) (Kindle Locations 812-813). Ardent Publishing. Kindle Edition.

I recommend this book to readers of the series and readers who enjoy paranormal romances. 



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