Monday, June 17, 2013

Cozy Monday Series Highlights Puzzles

Mondays are dedicated to cozy mysteries. Twice a month (sometimes more) I will have book reviews with alternating weeks showing upcoming releases and highlighting some amazing cozy series. While I love all genres, I would have to say I tend to read cozy mysteries more than any other genre (subgenre) put together.

Cozy Mysteries are centered around a theme whether it be the type of job the sleuth has, the location of the crime, or hobby. The most common, in my opinion, are animals and cooking, so when I find a new theme, I get really excited. 

While looking over lists several months ago, I came across several series with puzzle themes. The one that particularly caught my eye was:

I still haven't had a chance to read any of this series yet, but love the game Sudoku.The series currently has three books. Click here to see more.

Another fun puzzle series:

There are thirteen books in this series all featuring the Puzzle Lady. See Amazon's complete Puzzle Lady Mystery Book Series here.

Do you know of any other Puzzle Themed Cozy Mysteries?

Check out for additional themed lists!

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