Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Top Ten Series Addiction for Beach Reading

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How do you define a beach read? Well here’s my definition: A beach read is a light, fun or funny, quick read. Doesn’t have darkness or require too much thought. A cozy mystery, chic lit, or a sweeping romance could all fit the bill for me. As I was making my list, I found that most of them are a series and that I’ve read several in the series so decided to share it that way. Click the name of the series to go to Goodreads series list of all books in that series. Enjoy!!

 This is a fun series and if you love the first one there are seven books and a couple novellas in the series that could keep you reading all summer long. I’ve read five of the seven currently available on Kindle plus a novella. 
A link to my reviews below.

I thought this cover was fun and so quickly bought it from Amazon for 99 cents. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and its premise for a series. By definition it’s not a cozy mystery, but it is not a heavy or dark crime mystery either. It has its bouts of humor and I enjoyed the main characters and setting. I’ve read book two of the series as well and it definitely continued the momentum. There are currently eight released in the series.  
My review of Tilt A Whirl here and Mad Mouse here.

A cozy mystery series that I was introduced by the downloading book one free on my Kindle. There are a total of 16 in the series. If you enjoy the first one as much as I did, there is plenty to keep you reading all summer. 

Reviews for some of the later books in the series:


Looking for a little romance but with a great story that will keep you entertained. This series is complete with a total of 12 books in the series. Titles are addresses, but also denote the series order. Each book is complete with a story in and of itself, but the entire series is a complete story of a small town and its characters. Here is a series review post I did and here is a review for the final book of the series.

As I was getting ready to put together this post, my niece texted me a picture from the dollar store with this series. Books 3 through 9 were available for $1 a piece. I told her to grab what she could afford. I am definitely a fan of this series and have read all nineteen in the series. However, I wasn’t too much of a fan of the movie. So if you are holding out because you watched the movie, you know a book is always better!

Looking for a little British fun and humor. I also downloaded the first book of this series for free on my Kindle. I haven’t been as thorough in reading all of the six books in the series, but the two I have read have been a lot of fun. I have also read one of her standalones that was well worth reading.

What are some of your Series Addictions?

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