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Interview with Author Heather Huffman

I am honored to have author Heather Huffman with me today for an interview and giveaway.

Date: What do you do when you are not writing?

Heather: My family has a small homestead in the Missouri Ozarks where we attempt to grow most of our own food, so I spend a lot of time building things like chicken coops and fences. I also embroider, crochet and am even trying my hand at spinning the fiber off our alpacas. Although my first and favorite job is being mom to my three boys, ages 8, 10 and 13. There’s always an adventure to be had with them around!

Date: When did you first start writing and what was your first book?

Heather: I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember – I can’t say exactly when I wrote my first book. I do remember working on one at age 11 about two kids who meet at camp, have a summer fling, then meet again years later. When I was 13, I wrote a script about a young woman who dressed like a boy to make her way across the country to find her older brother. The first full-length novel that I started and finished was something I called Cat and Mouse at the time. I started it when I was 17, although most of it was written when I was 19. After several revisions, it turned into my current release, Fool’s Game.

Date: How did you choose the genre you write in?

Heather: I didn’t choose my genre so much as it chose me. I love love and I love adventure, so both of those elements show up in my books, even when I don’t mean for them to. It was my publisher, Booktrope, who finally figured out what genre my books fell into.

Date: Do you work with an outline or just write?

Heather: Sometimes I have a good idea where a book is going, but usually I have no clue. Almost all of my books start with a dream, usually a scene from the middle of the book. Then I get to know the characters in my head for a whole (maybe even a few months) before I start writing. Once I start writing, I let the story take me where it will.

Date: Can you tell us about your upcoming or just released book?

Heather: Fool’s Game, the book I mentioned earlier, just released. It’s a fun romance with plenty of action and adventure. In it, Caitlyn O’Rourke faked her death years ago at the request of the U.S. government, only to be reborn as the Cat – a deadly black-ops agent tasked with working for the shadowy organization Chameleon and doing the jobs that can’t be done in the light of day. Now, on the verge of taking down a notorious drug lord and rescuing a captured Chameleon agent, Cat is targeted for assassination…from within. But who’s making the call, and why?

As she attempts to uncover answers and stay alive, Cat finds herself working alongside Cody Kingsley, the mysterious senator who broke her heart and betrayed her long ago. Along with an inner circle of fellow agents, Cat and Cody must untangle the web of lies that surrounds them before it’s too late.

Date: What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?

Heather: There is a scene in the book where an all-out brawl breaks out in a Denny’s restaurant. That scene was a mixture of intense and silly that was a lot of fun to write.

Date: What book/project are your working on now?

Heather: At the moment, I’m writing the story of Karise McAlister, one of the characters introduced in Ring of Fire and Roses in Ecuador. It doesn’t even have a title yet – in my family, we call it “The Architect.” It’s about a successful architect with an aversion to artists because of the heartache caused by her mother. (Long story) So when she finds herself drawn to a sexy artist, it sends her into sort of a tailspin. She takes a job across country in attempt to get her life on the right path, only to find that she’s inadvertently moved right next door to the one person she was trying to avoid.

Date: What is your favorite quote and why?

Heather: “Be true, be true, be true. Show to the world, if not your worst, some trait whereby the worst might be inferred.” At least, I think that’s it without looking it up. It’s from The Scarlet Letter, one of my favorite novels. I credit reading that book at an impressionable age with my desire to live life as transparently as possible.

Date: So do you like to cook?  Do you have a favorite food?

Heather: There was a time when I set out to be the picture-perfect homemaker that cooked and made desserts from scratch. Usually I have too much going on to pay full attention to it, though, so I wind up just getting frustrated. So I can cook, and I’d like to think pretty well, but I’d much prefer to eat out.

Date: What are 4 things you never leave home without (apart from keys, money and phone)?

Heather: My day planner (yes, I still use an actual day planner), my pocket knife, pens and my notebook – in case I get any story ideas while out and about.

Date: Tell us a little bit about your cover art. Who designed it? Why did you go with that particular image/artwork?

Heather: All of my books to this point have been designed by Emily Spitz, a friend from my corporate days who inspired one of the characters in Ties That Bind. All of the covers are intended to tell something about the heroine or a scene from the book without giving too clear a picture of her so the reader can create their own. I think Emily does an amazing job of coming up with covers that not only accomplish that goal, but are pretty as well.

Date: Who is your favorite character from your book and why?

Heather: It’s hard to choose a favorite character from the book, I tend to fall in love with the entire cast of characters while I’m working on a book. I identify with a lot of Caitlyn’s struggle to find a balance between feminine and strong, and I have a bit of a crush on Cody. But David Zabukos, the reporter who tags along on their adventure, is a character who always made me giggle. Based on a friend of mine when I was 19, he was a lot of fun to write.

Thanks to Heather for taking some time to share a little bit about herself. Be sure to link up with her on her pages which are below. Also, if you're interested in winning an e-copy of her new release Fools Game, please share your favorite quote in the comment below. Winner will be chose through random selection.

About Heather
Heather Huffman calls the beautiful Missouri Ozarks home. When not writing, this homesteading mother is either cheering one of her three sons on at a sporting event or tending the family’s myriad of animals, which includes alpacas, goats, chickens and ducks. Huffman’s optimistic and somewhat quirky view of life often finds its way into her novels.               
Heather is the author of ThrowawayTies that BindJailbird, Suddenly a Spy, Ring of Fire, Tumbleweed, Devil in Disguise, Roses in Ecuador and Fool’s Game. You can find out more about her family’s adventures as they strive to live off the land, as well as her writing and charitable work on

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