Monday, May 16, 2016

Book Review: To Hell in a Handbasket by Beth Groundwater

Title: To Hell in a Handbasket
Series: Claire Hanover Mystery #2
Author: Beth Groundwater
Publish Date: November 2012
Publisher: Midnight Ink
Source: Netgalley

About the Book: 
It’s snow accident when a young woman’s icy demise sends Claire’s vacation to hell in a handbasket

Skiing with her family in Breckenridge, Colorado, gift basket designer Claire Hanover hears a terrified scream cut the frigid mountain air. She is horror-stricken to find Stephanie Contino, the sister of her daughter’s boyfriend, dead on the slopes. While everyone else assumes the death was an accident, Claire is suspicious of the extra ski tracks that cross dangerously into Stephanie’s path. But the police are skeptical of foul play, even as more signs point to murder.

When incriminating clues put her daughter Judy in danger, Claire investigates and finds trouble around every mogul. Between interviewing a daredevil snowboarder and giving ski lessons to a drug boss, she uncovers a chilling conspiracy that could turn deadly for her family.

My Review: 
I do like Claire as a sleuth. She knows how to insert herself and kind of be pushy in a way. She’s able to use her gift baskets as a way to get herself into various situations more easily. I loved how she shared that a gift basket should touch all the senses. I often gift theme baskets and find this little tidbit helpful.

As far as the story, I enjoyed it well enough. At times it seemed to drag, but I loved the intensity of the book as she continued to uncover the conspiracy. She was also intent in keeping her daughter safe, as well as trying to convince her husband that she would be safe herself.

I loved all the unique characters she came in contact with, as well as the demeanor of the officer. It’s always fun to see how sleuths work around the law, but Claire is not dealing with the same detective or officer as most sleuths do throughout a series.

Overall, this was an enjoyable story, and I did enjoy A Basket of Trouble book #3 as well.

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