Friday, June 17, 2016

Freebie Friday Review: Death of a Dapper Snowman by Angela Pepper

Title: Death of a Dapper Snowman
Series: Stormy Day Mystery Book 1
Author: Angela Pepper
Publish Date: November 2014
Publisher: Jeffrey Blue Press
Source: free on Kindle

About the Book:
Gift shop owner Stormy Day is settling into her new life until she comes across a frozen body, hidden inside a well-dressed snowman.

When her own father is implicated in the murder, Stormy must chase down clues and uncover the town's secrets herself.

As she draws closer to identifying the killer, Stormy's own life may be in danger. That is unless Jeffrey, the mischievous Russian Blue cat who led her to the icy body in the first place, can flick his sleek gray tail at the final piece in the puzzle.

My Review:
Hooked me right away
When a selfie turns into finding a dead body
Why can’t a lawyer have a beard

I was pleasantly surprised this book was as enjoyable as it was. Totally hooked from the beginning and what  quick read. There is a lot going on, but not with introductions or details. I liked how the author just let the story go and the story told the details. Many times I find first installments a bore.

Stormy is a fun character, having just arrived back home and the town she grew up in. A lot of fond memories, which is explored while going through the story. Sometimes I felt like I was reading a fantasy, other times, I was reading a chic lit, but all in all it’s a great cozy mystery.

I’m lucky enough to have book two on my Kindle which was also free. I hope the excitement and pace continues.

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