Monday, August 29, 2016

A Charming Wish by Tonya Kappes

Title: A Charming Wish
Series: Magical Cures Mystery #3
Author: Tonya Kappes
Publish Date: March 2013
Publisher: MagiCal Press
Source: Kindle Unlimited

About the Book:
Bubble, Bubble. . .

It seems shop owner and newly appointed Whispering Falls Village President June Heal has it all: Beauty, wits, bewitching powers...Sheriff Oscar Park. Life is good. Because life in Whispering Falls is magical.

Cures and Trouble. . .

But when a member of the community is found dead on the steps of A Charming Cure, June's homeopathic cure shop, and her fingerprints show up at the scenes of local robberies, she is kicked off the village council and her powers fall under scrutiny. Until it's uncovered who is wreaking havoc on the town...June's magic is suspended.

Magic Stirs. . .

With the help of a rather obnoxious genie and Mr. Prince Charming, June's Fairy-God cat, June is determined to figure out who is framing her. Time is of the essence when it becomes clear that the true villain is trying to get rid of her...permanently!

And Trouble Doubles. . .

Oscar Park will do anything to protect June even if that means giving up all of his magical powers. . . or worse, his life.

My Review:
This series is so fun. Back from University and soon to be in charge of the village, June finds herself immediately in a predicament. Wanting to help others in their efforts to help the village, she finds herself a suspect in the murder. She meets the three elders, not sure how she feels about them, but they are there to make sure everything goes wells since the village president is a suspect. June also finds a genie and she’s not sure she wants to participate in wishes, but in the end she finds that was easier said than done.

Her relationship with Oscar is on hold because of a choice he felt he had to make with the Elders. A quick trip back to the University Juine learns the Good Side and Dark Side are working as one and things are beginning to look up. She’s also told to not do witchcraft that she needs to take further lessons because she can skip ahead. There is a lot that happens in this book, but excited to see where we are headed in the next book.

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