Friday, October 21, 2016

Freebie Friday Review: A Sweet Smell of Murder by Cindy Bell

Title: The Sweet Smell of Murder
Series: A Chocolate Centered Cozy Mystery #1
Author: Cindy Bell
Publish Date: August 24, 2015
Publisher: Createspace
Source: Free from Amazon
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About the Book:
Ally Sweet is happy to be returning for a short break to the small town where she grew up. She is planning on using the time off to get over her messy divorce and she is looking forward to spending time with her much-loved grandmother and relaxing making chocolates and anything chocolaty.

But then… the delivery driver for her grandmother’s chocolate shop is found murdered. The detectives investigating the crime have a prime suspect, Ally’s high school sweetheart, Brent. Ally believes that Brent would never murder anyone, so with the help of her trusted feline friend, Peaches, she tries to uncover the truth.

The search for the killer leads Ally straight into the line of danger. Will she be able find the murderer before she becomes a victim herself?

My Review:
Ally is returning home and just hoping to relax and move forward from her divorce. She’s staying with her grandmother (Mee Maw) who is such a great character. My first impression of her, I loved her from the start. She is soft and caring, but does tell it like it is. Here’s a quote from Mee Maw that I absolutely loved! She’s talking to Ally, “Honey, I’ve always told you, you’ve got a big heart, and that’s beautiful, but your brain has got to be bigger.” (location 102)

The story intertwined around the murder and crime was very enjoyable. Not one you typically see in a cozy mystery, so it really appealed to me. I did have somewhat of an inkling of who did it, but there were just enough other clues I wasn’t positive.

I really enjoyed this book. Another great freebie from Kindle. I will definitely continue with the series!

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