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I am currently taking review requests for books in the cozy mystery genre. If you have a book in this genre, please send me an email to the address below. Include in that email, a brief synopsis and any links to the book. I will send you an email upon acceptance for review. However, in that many authors do not enjoy negative reviews, if I do not find that I am liking the book, I will email and let you know of my feelings and not post a review.

I am also looking for authors and bloggers interested in Interviews and Guest Posts preferrably in the Cozy Mystery genre, but will review others to see if they are a good "fit" for the blog. Use your writing creativity to help readers learn about the characters and settings in your book. Let us learn about the author behind the words and why we would love your books so much. I am currently scheduling for February and March.

Review some of these very interesting guest posts:
By Kemberlee Shortland
By Liz Stauffer

And some great author interviews:
Elizabeth McKenna
LynDee Walker

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  1. I just wanted to let you know about my canine cozy, "The Karma of King Harald." It's the first adventure of Andy Skyberg and his big, amiable mutt, King Harald. Andy has retreated back home to New Bergen following a tough divorce and a business failure. All he wants to do is lick his wounds, and enjoy the peace and quiet of small-town life. But then his old college flame, Trudi Bock, turns up. Ol' Trud has a knack for aggravating the natives. When her pet iguana Adonis ends up murdered, it's clear that someone has it in for the New Age retailer. Trotting right into this mess is King Harald, who discovers the defunct lizard. And this is only the beginning for the crime-sniffing canine. Andy, like it or not, is forced to channel his inner sleuth. Trudi's life, and his own, may depend on it.

    "The Karma of King Harald" is available now as an e-book. The POD paperback will be out in early December. Harald's website is

    I'd be delighted if you'd review "King Harald" on your blog. If you'd like an e-book copy, I can send one to you right away. FYI, the book is written under my pen name, "Richard Audry."

    Thanks so much.

    D. R. Martin