Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Audio Book Review: Origin in Death

Origin in Death
By J.D. Robb
Format: Audio Book
Genre: Futuristic Romance
Part of a series: In Death Series #21
Rating: 3 stars

The first audio book of the year and not a bad start. I still struggle with audio books and one of my goals this year was to be a better listener. I really hate the radio and even though my commute is short, I figured I could take advantage of the time to listen to books. I did listen to a few last year, but want to push myself to continually listen this year. The few books I listened to last year; some I loved and some not so much. I know it depends on the mood, the reader, and the book itself.

I decided to listen to J.D. Robb’s In Death series with Susan Ericksen as the narrator. Susan had received plenty of rave reviews about her work. She did not disappoint. What an amazing reader with all the different voices. Definitely an excellent reader.

A few thoughts as I was listening to the book: The coat. You gotta love the coat. Roake gives Eve a coat and the comments she gets and the replies she gives are hilarious.LOL!

There is also a point in the book where you can feel the emotion from Eve. It reminds you of what she has been through in the past. Very real. (Have to have read first installments to fully understand this comment.)

Learned a new term coined in this book for cloning: “quiet birth”. A real interesting concept. I enjoyed the book, very mind boggling at times. Got you thinking about the reality of could this really happen.

Verdict: 3 stars. Excellent audio book because of the reader. I gave it three stars myself more as a rating to how best I was focused and paid attention. There is a learning curve. If you like the earlier installments, definitely a must read, especially with the Roarke and Eve romance.


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    1. I remember when I first read reviews about this book and the way they referred to Roarke. Oh, I get it now. Great series.