Thursday, January 26, 2012

Book Review: Explosive Eighteen

Explosive Eighteen
by Janet Evanovich
Format: Kindle Book
Genre: Mystery
Part of a series: Stephanie Plum #18
Rating: 4 stars

Okay so book #17 leaves us with Stephanie headed to Hawaii and finding out who she chose to have go with her. She only has one other ticket and has to choose between Ranger and Morelli. The book doesn’t immediately tell you, there is a small wait to find out, but the author finally tells us after a few chapters. The book begins with the Stephanie returning after being in Hawaii and then fills in what was missing between book 17 and 18. I really enjoyed how she told the story this way.

So to pose a question to those who are current with this series. Who would you choose? Ranger or Morelli?

I think I would choose Ranger. And maybe I’m only saying that because he is mysterious. I mean, what do we really know about him. He’s even a mystery to Morelli. But who wouldn’t choose a man who can save the day in any situation? I know many other readers say they would choose Morelli, but I think that’s a safe choice and you know what you’re getting. I would have to choose Ranger just because I think the package is bigger and better.

I really enjoyed this book. While this series has been ongoing for many installments and there have been some that I have found a little slow and monotonous, this was not one of them. Lula was her usual self, in her same fashion sense, Grandma was there in style, as was all the other characters. It was Stephanie’s dad that I think we got to see a small side of that we don’t normally get to see. Usually Stephanie’s dad is just sitting in his chair waiting for dinner. But he does interact a little in this book.

Verdict: 4 stars. Very good. Not a let down and if you have read the series up to this point, continue with this book.


  1. oh my gosh Stephanie still hasn't chosen? I'm starting with book three and I'm rooting for Morelli, only because he seems to really care about Stephanie (although he won't admit it) but I'm in that point that I haven't read Stephanie and Ranger's story yet, and now I really want to! Thanks for this great review!

    1. Jenny, I love this series and I am jealous you're at the beginning. Just beware, you may find it slow through the series, but stay with it and you will not be disappointed.

  2. I laughed out loud at so many parts in 17, and couldn't put it down. Grandma Bella reminds me of my Italian grandmother. And her "relationship" with Ranger and joe is so sexy and so complicated, I love it!! I am not flushed with money, by far, but when I know a book that I've been dying to read is coming out soon, I just start saving for it, really people, it's not that expensive!!