Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Series Review - Cedar Cove by Debbie Macomber

A link to her website for the Cedar Cove book list and a short synopsis of each book. http://www.debbiemacomber.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=books&pageID=4

This is one of my absolute favorite series, and one of the very few series that I have completed. How did I get introduced to the series? During one of my visits to the used book store, I picked up three books, if I recall correctly they were 44 Cranberry Point, 50 Harbor Street, and 74 Seaside Avenue. I read all of them fairly quickly and realized they belonged to a series. After learning that they were a series and the title/address denoted the series order, I began my search of getting all of them and reading them in order. At the time, I think Debbie Macomber had published through number eight, 8 Sandpiper Way. Quickly finishing I was then on hold until number nine came out. From that point on, this series was an automatic buy and automatic read for me.

My favorite(s) in the series:

311 Pelican Court – Book Three
This book focuses on Zach and Rose Cox. I enjoyed the custody arrangements for the children made by Judge Olivia. Not one I’ve ever heard of personally, but thought it was very fitting.

74 Seaside Avenue – Book Seven
This book focuses on Bobby and Teri Polgar. Ever read a book about a chess star? On a level of not being very social, he was still a romantic.

The series introduces you to many residents of Cedar Cove. Cecilia and Ian Randall, Judge Olivia and Jack Griffin, Grace Sherman, Zach and Rosie Cox, Roy McAfee, Bob and Peggy Beldon, Justine and Seth Gunderson, Sheriff Troy Davis, Faith Beckwith, Mary Jo Wyse, Bruce Peyton and daughter, just to name a few. A few of the installments have a little bit of mystery or suspense, but all-in-all they are just good stories of people making it through their ups and downs of life.

I introduced my non-reader sister to this series and needless to say she is a regular reader and proud to say a Kindle owner. I called her in August 2011 to say 1105 Yakima Street was coming out and 1225 Christmas Tree Lane would be released in September 2011. We both quickly bought 1105 Yakima Street and “patiently” waited for September. When I called to remind her in September of the release, she told me she might wait because she usually bought and devoured so quickly. I talked to her a week later. She had made the purchase and read the last installment of the series. I savored the last one a little longer, waiting until December (Christmas time) to read and enjoy it as a Christmas story.

Verdict: So for those non-readers in your life you’d like to convert, have them try this series. For those who love a good story, go pick it up for yourself.

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