Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hannah Swensen Murder Mystery by JoAnne Fluke

Hannah Swensen Cozy Mystery Series Wrap-Up

 In a previous post I mentioned I downloaded Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder by Joanne Fluke for free on my Kindle. After reading this “free” edition, I was hooked on the series. There are 15 books in this series, the most recent one Cinnamon Roll Murder released February 28, 2012, I have yet to read.

This series is focused around a cookie shop run by amateur sleuth Hannah Swenson. Hannah is single lives in Lake Eden. Her mother and married sister also live in town. Her sister’s husband is the Chief of Police for the town, so her sister has an “in” with the law enforcement to help out on the investigations.

This is one of the few series I was able to nearly read from book 1 to book 14 without having to read other books in between.

I think I liked this series so much because of characters and the way they have been developed throughout. The books take in enough of the personal lives of the characters, as well as throwing in a murder investigation/mystery. The sister, the niece, the mothers, the cats, the shop owners, the Mayor, the visitors; you name it they grow on you and make you feel as if you live in the town yourself.

Hannah has two men vying for her affection. She has also built her dream house with one of them, but as of book 14, she has not chosen to be exclusive with just one. While this may seem weird, the author has done an excellent job of weaving two boyfriends into the story.

I was looking through my reviews on GoodReads to try and remember if any one of the books was my favorites and I basically gave all of the books four stars.

Verdict: Definitely a great “freebie” find.

What has been one of your freebie finds?


  1. I love the series too. Mind you I'm a bad girl and I'm reading them out of order, but I've loved them all..and I want that cookbook too, because I've read most of them from the library :(./

    1. I also got most of them from the library as well. Really want the cookbook, but have heard mixed reviews.

  2. This book series sounds totally awesome, Dalene! And they're free? Wow! I'm a bit hesitant since there are fourteen books, but your review really makes me want to read them. :) Marvelous review, Dalene!