Thursday, April 19, 2012

Book Review: The Apprentice

by Tess Gerritsen
Genre: Mystery
Published: July 2003
Source: ebook Borrowed from Library
Personal Rating: 4 stars

Summary from GoodReads:
It is a boiling hot Boston summer. Adding to the city’s woes is a series of shocking crimes, in which wealthy men are made to watch while their wives are brutalized. A sadistic demand that ends in abduction and death.

The pattern suggests one man: serial killer Warren Hoyt, recently removed from the city’s streets. Police can only assume an acolyte is at large, a maniac basing his attacks on the twisted medical techniques of the madman he so admires. At least that’s what Detective Jane Rizzoli thinks. Forced again to confront the killer who scarred her—literally and figuratively—she is determined to finally end Hoyt’s awful influence . . . even if it means receiving more resistance from her all-male homicide squad.

But Rizzoli isn’t counting on the U.S. government’s sudden interest. Or on meeting Special Agent Gabriel Dean, who knows more than he will tell. Most of all, she isn’t counting on becoming a target herself, once Hoyt is suddenly free, joining his mysterious blood brother in a vicious vendetta. . . .

My Review:

I really enjoyed this book. Rizzoli is a tough chic, or tough enough to hang with the men, but she knows the struggles women have in a man’s world. She terms herself as a bitch invader. Her first exposure in the book to a questioning man is Agent Gabriel Dean. Of course, she is in turn questioning him and his reason for being there. Their working relationship is pretty taxed as it appears neither one can trust the other. .

Quote from the Book:
“That’s always been your way, hasn’t it? To tough it out. Never complain.” Loc 908

I like Rizzoli. While she’s tough, there is still a sensitive side. She has real feelings and sometimes those appear as if they are going to get in the way. One fact we learn about her, which was a LOL moment: Jane Rizzoli flunked home ec.
We also get introduced to her family at her mom’s birthday party. Of course, Jane can’t do anything right and it appears her brother, Frankie, can do no wrong.

Rizzoli’s partner is Korsak. She doesn’t mind him as a partner because he’s pretty easy going, but ends up describing him as:
“Every class had its gross-out kid, and Korsak was it, the boy who openly picked his nose and belched with gusto and wore his lunch on the front of his shirt. The kid whose moist and pudgy hands you avoided touching at all costs, because you were sure to catch his cooties. She felt both repelled by him and sorry for him.” Loc 3227-32

But all in all, he’s a good guy. There is an incident in the book that makes her realize she needs to be a better friend.

Medical Dictionary:
A couple words, including slang words, I learned from the book:

1. Birefringence - The resolution or splitting of a light wave into two unequally reflected waves by an optically anisotropic medium such as calcite or quartz.

2. Sheep Dipping - A military slang word refering to the CIA’s practice of borrowing the military’s special operations soldiers for certain missions.

3. Pimp Time - “So let’s play pimp time, Dr. Isles. What’s your call on this? “Pimp time?” asked Korsak. “It’s a term from medical school,” said Isles. “Pimping someone means to test their knowledge. To put them on the spot.” Loc 2313-16

Dr. Isles Medical Examiner Tip: Hair does not tell gender.

This is the second book in the series. It’s been awhile since I read the first installment, but I didn’t figure I needed to go back. As I was reading this book, I think I may have also read it previously but was not 100% sure. There is enough reference to the first book to keep you up to speed, but would recommend starting with book one if you have not read that. There is some personal issues with Rizzoli that you may miss out.

What should you read next?
Continue with the series or any books by Patricia Cornwell are very similar.


  1. I've seen the series and these books look good. I like that you included the new words learned :)

  2. I love books that teach you something new. Those are always fun!

  3. I loved The Surgeon but thought this was a terrible 2nd in the series, I could have skipped to be honest.