Saturday, April 7, 2012

Book Review: House of Cards

House of Cards
By Kim Stagliano
Publish Date: December 2011
Genre: Mystery, Chick Lit

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Book Description from Amazon:
Bounty Hunter Stephanie Plum would think her life is easy compared to Kat Cavicchio's. When a car crash with a New England Patriot lands her sister in the hospital, Kat has to move in with her brother-in-law to take care of her young niece and nephew – with autism.

The windfall accident settlement should turn around her financial woes and help the kids too, until the football player kicks his last field goal in a gruesome murder that lands Kat's entire family in the cross hairs of a drug dealer who thinks she is hiding something from the football player that he wants. Can a sexy State Trooper throw a Hail Mary pass and save her life before the clock runs out on her life?

My Review:
Rating: 3 stars
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This was an okay book. It wasn't a complete flop, I just found that at times it was so serious that when there were the funny moments I wasn't quite ready for them.

Kat Cavicchio is still single and of course her mom is worried about the singleness, but when she gets in a car wreck with her sister, she now becomes primary caretaker of her sister and her two kids. Mom’s idea.The two children have autism which from the book you learn that they are both differing degrees and how you handle each one is different. This was very interesting and educating.

There were lots of great characters. Kat, her sister Gina, her brother-in-law Vince, her parents, Connie her best still single friend, Gina’s neighbors, Officer Bertrand, Sgt. Strohmeyer, and the landlord and his son. My favorite were Gina’s neighbors who some were nice and some not so nice at times. They seemed to be irritated with the “trash” that had arrived when Kat started staying with Gina. They weren’t really accepting of the police car on the street all day and all night. They showed up at the house to make sure Gina knew how they felt. Sometimes they were still in their bathroom and/or just out of the shower.

Verdict: 3 stars. If the serious moments weren’t so serious, I think I would have enjoyed the story a lot better. There were some great laughter moments and the character developments really enhanced the crazy times.

Quote from the book:

“Wanna laugh? I had a better sex life in high school. And you know I graduated a virgin. How’s that for depressing?”
Stagliano, Kim (2011-12-19). House of Cards (Kindle Location 187). Kindle Edition.


  1. I have heard that this was a fun read, glad you enjoyed it even if some of it was very serious. That cover is cute.

  2. This sounds like a quick, fun read but nothing too mind blowing. I hadn't heard of it before now. Great review Dalene!