Saturday, April 14, 2012

Book Review: Unspoken

by Kerrigan Byrne
Genre: Historical Romance
Published: March 2012
Personal Rating: 5 stars

He's cursed with eternal silence...

Roderick MacLauchlan is death for hire. Blessed by an ancient Deity with Berserker rage, he has the strength of ten men. Cursed by a malicious enemy, he's incapable of speech. A desperate clan war rages around him and a malevolent adversary lurks in the darkness, calling for blood.

Evelyn Woodhouse is an English refugee with a dangerous secret. She has the ability to see the outcome of tomorrow's battle and knows they're on the wrong side of it. When a doomed and silent mercenary rescues her from a fate worse than death, it seems he has his own plans for her. This is his last night alive and she's never been able to defy destiny.

My Review:
I thoroughly enjoyed this novella. This was well written. Not entirely comfortable with erotic romances, but having read a few, this book was not trashy. The author uses descriptive words that to me evoked a feeling rather than an entirely visual romance scene and did not overdo the details.

The premise of this story was great. Being a short story I thought many things would be rushed or left undone at the end, and this was so not the case. The set up with the scene in the beginning of the book and all of the characters, I was able to immediately connect with Evelyn. I loved her character. She is sweet, maybe a little naive, and kind of unsure of herself at times. The author was also able to describe a tough but sweet hunk of a warrior.

This is a debut novella for this author. The sequel should be out in May 2012. I cannot wait!!

Verdict: A definite read for all romance readers, but remember it is definitely on the “hot” side.


  1. This sounds pretty good for a novella (I'm not a big fan of them) but this premise is really intriguing!!

  2. Sounds good, and you did great at stating that although it's erotica, it's not trashy.