Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Book Review: Fifteen Digits by Nick Santora

Fifteen Digits
By Nick Santora
Genre: Thriller
Publish Date: April 24, 2012
Personal Rating: 3.5 stars
Source: Netgalley
Author's Page

Summary from GoodReads:
Is it really insider trading if you’ve been an outsider your entire life?

Five men. Five walks of life. Every day they come together at the white shoe law firm Olmstead & Taft. But they’re not lawyers. They’re “Printers”: blue-collar guys consigned to the dark basement of the firm charged with copying, collating and delivering the mountains of paperwork that document millions of dollars of sensitive legal secrets.

Until the five are approached by an ambitious young attorney who teaches them what they have: insider information. Together they make a plan: take the classified documents that pass through their hands every day and use them to get rich. They create a joint account to deposit the spoils. An account with a safeguard-each one only knows one section of the access code.

Which means that for all five conspirators, there’s no way out. But as too much money piles up to go unnoticed, the Printers will discover there’s one thing even worse than being an outsider: being in too deep.

My Review:
I first have to say I loved the ending. It was a shock to me and actually kept me thinking beyond closing its pages.

This book held a steady pace throughout the book until the end. There are a lot of characters, but I think the author does a great job of moving through them slowly so you get to know them. Introducing them one by one and a little background you get to know the main characters Rich, Jason, Vice, Dylan and Eddie. They are all very different in their race, age, aspirations, and history. If I had to pick my favorites, it would be Rich and Eddie. I really did despise Jason. What a creep!

If you enjoy mysteries and thrillers, you will definitely enjoy this book. It was a quick read, when I was able to settle down with enough time to read. It’s not fluff, just that it flows really well from one point to the next. I didn’t get bored, even with the steady pace as there was enough information being introduced and time to digest it before the author gave you more.

I would definitely read another book by this author. Good job.

Favorite Quote:
"The benefit of being invisible is that people don't see you when you're robbing them blind." (Kindle location 3766)

What to Read Next?
If you have not read David Baldacci, definitely try one of his books. I would suggest The Winner and Absolute Power as they have a similar feel to this book.


  1. ooh i love when an ending shocks you and has you thinking about it days late..awesome review!

  2. I loved the ending when I wrote it - I'm glad you liked it too! Please spread the word about the book -- I need this book to do well so I can have an opportunity to write another one.
    Thanks for the kind review and the support of my work!
    - Nick Santora