Thursday, June 28, 2012

Book Review: Enslaved in Shadows

Title: Enslaved in Shadows
Author: Tigris Eden
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publish Date: June 28, 2012
Personal Rating: 2.5 stars
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A man's Past leads to his Future...... 

Agent Stone of the Shadow Unit's job

is simple, most days. Work in the Shadows, police his own Kind. 

When an unwanted assignment turns out to be his darkest fantasy from the past, Draven can't help but be conflicted by the memories of the past and his responsibilities in the future. But his decision has been made. 

The Heart of a woman is Tested........ 

Jes can't let the tall dark agent back into her life. 
How can she trust any man after what she's endured? Years of abuse have broken her down and she doesn't have room for more. The man she turns to for help hasn't abused her physically but he's tormented her emotionally. A past betrayal left her scarred, but also brought her life. 

Can she accept him into her heart and trust him again? 

One will survive and adapt, the other will realize hearts can be mended even if it’s a bit too late. 

The road to forgiveness sometimes only brings more pain. Unexpected events set their lives on two separate tracks leading to one outcome. Lives will be changed and an emotional battle to save their souls will leave them both trapped and enslaved in their need for one another.

My Review:
Wow, a lot of different feelings about this book. 

Overall, I did enjoy the story. The characters were amazing and how they intertwined in the end. I adored little Faith, even though there wasn’t a lot of her in this book, I just wanted everything to work out for her. All the varying types of paranormal characters were interesting, vampires, shifters, zombies, and others. Their interaction with each other and the humans was exciting. I also enjoyed the battles. I wish there would have been just a few more or a little longer. I also liked the connection between House Phoenix and Solon.

What I didn’t care for was the foul language. I don’t mind the use of certain language when warranted, but I felt this book overused the foul language in many areas. Second, I didn’t anticipate this book to be erotic romance and I’m not sure so much as it’s erotic as it just isn’t romance, but pure sex. The approach didn’t work for me. Also, the scene with Marcus and the pencil and pain just threw me completely off. A little bizarre.

The synopsis of the book makes it sound as if it’s such a great story, and it was, but I think it was buried a little underneath the language, sex, and bizarre.

Author Bio
My name is Katina Jewel Hernandez pen name Tigris Eden. I am eternally 29 years old. I love to write, read, and listen to music, watch movies, and travel. My biggest goal right now is to be waited on hand and foot. Possibly a group of hot cabana boys, maybe two or three door men, a butler and personal chef and driver, for now. I adore oatmeal crème cookies and long walks to my pillow. I’m pretty laid back and I love to laugh.

I’m an ex-military brat, and have been to a number of wonderful places. I’ve been writing for as long as I was able to put pen to paper. I use to write music and play flute. So if it wasn’t music notes jumping at me to be put on paper it was words. True story: When I was growing up in Germany my father and I watched a lot of musicals. Sound of Music, Annie…. You name it I’ve watched and probably know the words by heart. Anyway, I thought life was a musical and my first day of school I sang the entire day. Whether it was hello, my name is Katina or can I go to the restroom. Two years later I was asked to write about my very first day of school. When I wrote my story the teacher didn’t believe me, told me I was a big story teller. So I’ve been telling stories ever since, whether it was with music or words.

I live in Cypress, Texas with my Husband LL and my boys Darryl Joseph and Andrew and a newly acquired puppy name Kastor. When I’m not writing, I’m balancing payroll taxes, moving state wages, or answering that age old question. “Why don’t my wages in box 1 equal what’s on my pay stub. 

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