Saturday, June 2, 2012

Book Review: The Siren's Song

Title: The Siren’s Song
Author: Jennifer Bray-Weber
Genre: Historical Romance
Publish Date: May 14, 2012
Source: Netgalley
Personal Rating: 4 stars
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Pirate captain Thayer Drake lures ships onto reefs for plunder, and business is lucrative. Yet, saving a lass from drowning after her ship wrecks becomes more than he bargained for when the crazy wench dives back into the raging sea for her blasted purse.

Tavern songstress Gilly McCoy, penniless and fleeing from the man who murdered her lover, stowed away on the doomed ship. Now at Drake's mercy, Gilly must earn her passage by performing for the captain. And that is not all: she must also kiss the captain at every ring of the ship's bell. But she discovers kissing the handsome rogue is not entirely a bad bargain...
Drake is intrigued by the beauty, but there is no room in his black heart for a woman. He has demons that he drinks nightly to forget. Meanwhile, Gilly has her own secrets to keep-including why her purse is more valuable to her than her life...

My Review:
I was able to snag this book from Netgalley shortly after finishing book two in Romancing the Pirate series. I again enjoyed this historical romance setting of pirates. This author is amazing with weaving the females into such a known male area and time period. Gilly (Gillian) was such a great character who didn’t really understand or know all the trouble she was in. She was a strong female. Thayer, the ship's captain, was also strong, who tried to be really tough with Gilly, but did find he had a soft side with her.

This read had great pace and I kept turning the pages. There is plenty of action on the sea as well as off the waters, in the town of Havana. There were a little politics involved, but nothing too heavy. Fairly quick read.The descriptions of the towns and seas are great. I can just imagine the darkness during the storms on the seas. Sometimes I felt like I needed to turn the light on brighter.

I enjoyed the part of the book when it was describing the heists, the reason for them and why they were happening. There are a lot of underlying stories going on along with the main story. These side stories are what hooked me into liking both the hero and the heroine.

What to Read Next?
Again, this is only the second pirate historical romance I have read. But I would suggest to readers to grab a great historical romance grab The Secret by Julie Garwood. Still need to read The Wedding by that author as well.


  1. This sounds very good, I like that there's pirates in it.

  2. ooh pirates! I have been reading a few historical romances of late..summer puts me in the mood. I am adding this series to my list..who doesn't like yummy swoon worthy pirates!