Saturday, July 14, 2012

Indie Author Review: Unwilling by Kerrigan Byrne

Title: Unwilling
Author: Kerrigan Byrne
Genre: Historical Romance
Publish Date: June 13, 2012
Personal Rating: 5 stars
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He should never have kissed her...

Laird Connor MacLauchlan doesn't want a wife, but he finds his Berserker mate in the heat of battle. Though he fears for her safety from the darkness that lurks inside him, fate dictates he must take her and make her his...

She was meant to be his enemy's bride...

Noble beauty Lindsay Ross has been sold to the highest bidder. On her way to meet her vile betrothed, a savage and mythic warrior slaughters her entire vanguard. Now she's his captive and he seems determined to claim her body for his own. Connor promises to keep her safe from the evil warlord she was to marry, but who will protect her from him?

My Review:
After reading the first novella, Unspoken, I could not wait for Unwilling. The author had told me this book was different from Unspoken, a little less erotic and a little more fighting. Even with those changes, I loved this book as much as the first. And if I had to choose a favorite, I would choose this one. Maybe it’s because I just finished it, I don’t know, but I do know I enjoyed the story she told.

This book definitely got in with the action. Immediately you’re hooked with the fighting and capture of Lindsay. The pages turned quickly, especially after you meet up with Evelyn and Roderick from book one. I enjoyed these characters appearances and Evelyn again made me laugh. Lindsay was lucky to have Evelyn help her through the beginning and helped her to see what she was faced against.

Now even with the book being a little less erotic and a little more fighting, it did not change the fact that the author can tell a story. As I was reading, I couldn’t help but think of the similarities between this little series and Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. So if you’re not sure if you would like that time period, setting, and type of characters, give this little series a try.

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  1. I love finding such positive reviews for Indie books. I like to give them a try, but there are so many to filter through. Your review and rating has me ready to try this author. Thank you for your wonderful review.

  2. I love both of these stories and can't wait for the next one!

  3. I read this book. I would have given it 5 stars and a box of chocolates!