Friday, July 13, 2012

Kindle Shelf Book Review: 7th Victim

Title: The 7th Victim (Karen Vail #1)
Author: Alan Jacobson
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Publish Date: September 2008
Personal Rating: 3.5

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The Dead Eyes Killer lurks in the backyard of the famed FBI Profiling Unit. His brutal murders confound the local task force, despite the gifted profiling skills of Special Agent Karen Vail. But along with Vail’s insight and expertise comes considerable personal and professional baggage.On leave pending a review of her assault on her abusive ex-husband, Vail must battle forces determined to bring her down, as she fights to find Dead Eyes before he murders more young women. But the seventh victim is the key to all that stirs this killer...the key that will unlock secrets perhaps too painful for Vail to bear. These are secrets that threaten to destroy her, secrets that will bring down her storied career. For Karen Vail, the truth rests at the heart of a lie. And uncovering it could get her killed...
With material meticulously researched during seven years of study with the Bureau’s vaunted profiling unit, Alan Jacobson brings refreshing realism and unprecedented accuracy to his pages.
The 7th Victim is a page-turner as only Alan Jacobson can write, with a stunning twist of an ending that will satisfy even the most discerning thriller reader.

My Review:
I chose to read this book as it was selected from my Kindle Shelf Post. While I had been told by others to read this book and series, I had never actually committed myself until now.

I enjoyed this book for the most part. While I enjoy mystery thrillers and have read several similar books in the past, this book just didn’t pull me quickly through it. I’m not sure why. It was a fairly slow and heavy read.

I enjoyed the main character Karen Vail. As a profiler and woman, she is up against a lot in her job. However, throughout this book she has more obstacles than one could ever think. At one point, I was against liking this book. There was so much that had happened to Karen that it was just not real to me. Yes, I know it’s fiction, but wow the overload. I kept going on, just barely turning page by page. I’m glad I did because it really did set up where the story was going. There is a lot that happens to her, and maybe not all of it needed, but I did enjoy the story.

There are a lot of typical things she has to deal with such as being the female in a male dominated career, especially the specialized job as profiler. While some of the men are supportive, she has many that are not. Quite a hurdle to overcome. However, she does it well and when she is with these men, she does not wallow in her problems. I did like that about the story.

Wayne Rudnick is not a main character. He only appears in one chapter. However, he made me laugh. What a great character portrayed as a head of his unit. Very knowledgeable, but definitely knows how to have fun. He provided my LOL moment of the book.

What to Read Next?Another similar type read, but which I thought was quite a bit better is The Pawn by Steven James. The main character is more of a geographical analyzer and also solving serial murders. There is a lot of personal relationship situations with the main character and his step-daughter. Very well woven story. This is just the first of his series.


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