Friday, July 6, 2012

Kindle Shelf Book Review: Celtic Storms

Title: Celtic Storms (Celtic Steel #1)
Author: Delaney Rhodes
Genre: Historical Romance
Publish Date: February 4, 2012
Personal Rating: 3 stars

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Darina O'Malley watched the sun set in the bay from the great tower in O'Malley castle. She said a silent prayer for her cousin, Kyra, hoping the message that was delivered to the MacCahan's did not spell sudden doom for her and her people. If what her Uncle Ruarc had told her was true, she was to be married to a stranger in nearly a fort night, and her world would turn upside down.

The realization that her clan held secrets which could destroy them forever - chilled her blood. Who was this son of a Laird that she was betrothed to and how would he react when he learned the truth?

My Review:
I read this book as it was the selection from my Kindle Shelf post. In the beginning, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it or not. It seemed like a lot was going on and I was getting confused. However, I persevered and I am glad that I did. As the pieces slowly came together, I was intrigued and wanted to keep reading. It was a quick read after that.

There are a lot of things that were going on that I don’t want to give away, but were the best part of the book. I guess what I can say is that as you read, don’t get discouraged with all that is going on. The pieces of the puzzle are not as cleanly put together and so getting through the rough areas can be tough.

I did like Patrick and Darina, the main characters. Patrick holds a lot of secrets and some he did not know himself. However, Darina’s people also hold a lot of secrets as well, and as these are revealed this is when the story comes alive. The author has created some great characters besides Patrick and Darina, the two young boys grabbed my heart strings.

I loved the paranormal action going on. This is what I think the other books are hinged on. This book definitely leaves you hanging. Several things have not been resolved, in fact several avenues are left unfulfilled. I am intrigued enough to want to continue on with the series.

What to Read Next?

If you enjoyed this but want less confusion, try Julie Garwood’s The Secret. Definitely very similar in feel.


  1. This sounds like a good paranormal. I like it when a book leaves me hanging and wanting more.

  2. This one sounds good. LOL so many books sounds good. Have a great Friday!