Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Review: Ciao by Bethany Lopez


Melissa has had a fantastic summer hanging out with her friends and making new ones. Life as she knows it will change when they all come together to begin their sophomore year at Dearborn High. Connections will be made and friendships will be tested. Will Melissa’s family and friends be able to help her through the challenges she will face in the upcoming months?

Genre: Young Adult
Publish Date: August 2012
Personal Rating: 4 stars
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I really enjoyed this book. This was my favorite of the series. I think Melissa has grown up a lot, even though it’s only been a year, but there was also so much happening to her that was more than just a 14 year old would have in her life. I love the friends she has and how they are so involved.The story revolves around their summer and events that take place among them.

I still really enjoy the family. They are my favorite part of this series. I think this book portrays a really strong family. They are hard hit with events in this book. How they deal with them and each other, shows how amazing family.

I recommend this book to all readers. However, I do suggest beginning with book one, but realize this is the best book of all three. Look for my reviews of book one and two tomorrow.

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review my series. I appreciate it and I am happy that you enjoyed Ciao!

  2. I always like to read a series from book one. It makes life simpler. :-)

  3. This sounds like a cute series, so glad you are loving it and it sounds like each one gets better. Great review