Saturday, September 15, 2012

Indie Author Book Review: Sweet Vengeance by Cindy Stark

Title: Sweet Vengeance
Author: Cindy Stark
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publish Date: January 23, 2012
Personal Rating: 4.5 stars
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About the Book:
Allie Jordan is in love and believes her future is bright. She’s finally going to have the family she longs for. But her dreams fade to black when her mobster-wanna-be boyfriend is executed at her feet. She’s spared the same fate by a muscle-bound vigilante who tosses her over his shoulder and turns her life upside down, in more ways than one.

Jase Tyler has one goal in life—to exact revenge on the Chicago mobsters who slaughtered his family. But when he rescues Allie, things begin to change. The last thing he wants is to be responsible for a woman who reminds him he has a soul, but there’s a price on her head, and he refuses to let the mob have her.

Love and danger are now a packaged deal, and they can't have one without the other. The true test will come when she discovers what he's been keeping from her.
My Review:

Wow! I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I chose to read this book after receiving a request from the author as I love romantic suspense. However, I have never read anything like this. The book doesn’t waste anytime getting with character or location set up or description. The action begins immediately as well as the love story.

This book was a very quick read because the action started so soon, I had to find out why. The pages turned very quickly. I liked both main characters. Allie was a great heroine. Strong, but not so much that she became unbelievable. She was tough and could survives the situations by herself or with little help. I also liked Jase as the hero. I instantly liked him. I was intrigued with the situation he had created for his life and how he handled things. I do have to say that my least favorite character was Max. I did not like him even in the beginning.

Not only was it just the suspense story and the romance story, but the story involving family and friends that made this a great novel. If you like romantic suspense, you should definitely read this book.


  1. Great review Darlene, both the author and book are new to me, but I like my romance wrapped in suspense.

  2. Love Stark's stories. Currently reading Relentless...when I'm not drooling over the cover.