Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2013 Reading Challenges Review


It’s that time of year to decide if we’re participating in any challenges or just cruising on our own. Last year I chose only to participate in the Goodreads number of books challenge and was successful. However, there are so many fun and unique challenges I just might participate in a few. Here are a few that caught my eye that I am deciding on, but for a general listing of most challenges being hosted, check out A Novel Challenge for more.

Melissa’s Eclectic Book Shelf is hosting 2013 Witches and Witchcraft reading challenge. There is a $10 Prize to be award after the year end. How exciting this one looks. With Melissa’s suggestions, I found H.P. Mallory’s Jolie Wilkins series which I started last year and would love to finish. Wow look at all the rest how fun.

The next one I find intriguing and fitting for my circumstances is Auntie Spinelli Reads’ 2013 Sequel Challenge. I agree with her that many times I only read the first book of a series and would love to find myself finishing or at least reading a few more. There are potential giveaways throughout the year.

I love Avanti’s Place Let Me Count The Ways Reading challenge with the page count. I did the book count last year, but sometimes with wanting to read longer books (Diana Gabaldon or the Classics) it takes a little longer and there would be a lower book count number. But to have a total page count, that would be awesome. I love the level titles as well, maybe I should build a Mansion.

Teresa’s Reading Corner is hosting her annual Audiobook Challenge. I’ve tried listening to audiobooks before, but really struggle with listening. I love it when I do listen to a good book, but just don’t make myself continue to do this. Maybe this challenge would be the motivation needed to stick with audiobooks all year. It’s a really laid back challenge.

And who doesn’t love a great TBR challenge. We all have looming piles that continue to grow and grow, even if we are whittling them down. 2013 Mount TBR Challenge is hosted by My Reader’s Block and is also a group on Goodreads. Lots of great mountains to climb. What suits your fancy? There is also a TBR Double Dog Dare being hosted just the first part of the year, Jan 1 to April 1 and only read from your TBR pile. Books that you have added prior to January 1. This could be very doable and if successful could cause quite a reduction.

The color reading challenges have always intrigued me. My Reader’s Block is also hosting the 2013 Color Coded Reading Challenge. This challenge involves reading books with certain colors in the title. The requirements are quite relaxed with the color requirement and looks to be quite fun. Hmm, what kind of books would that have me reading???

Socrates Book Review is hosting 2013 Cruisin through the Cozies again. I did participate in this last year as I wanted to get back to reading cozies more and was successful. I read 21 cozies last year and started my own Cozy Monday meme.

Here are a few more challenges that are a little more specific, but still fun and challenging. Darlene’s Book Nook is hosting the Nightwalkers Reading Challenge, the Sookie Stackhouse Reading Challenge, and Immortals After Dark. I’ve read all of the Sookie books, with the exception of the final one, but Nightwalkers and IAD are two series I’ve been wanting to read. Definitely considering.

Sarah Reads Too Much is hosting her Back to the Classic Challenge again after much deliberation. Check out this post for further details..

Watch for my posts in the next couple of weeks for those challenges I've finally settled on. I hope I can keep it under control.

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