Monday, December 3, 2012

If You Can't Stand the Heat by Robin Allen

Title: If You Can’t Stand the Heat
Author: Robin Allen
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Publish Date: May 8, 2011

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About the Book:
Poppy Markham practically grew up at the family restaurant in Austin, Texas, and, until recently, worked as a sous chef under her surly stepsister, Ursula. Poppy's not sure if her dad will ever forgive her for leaving the family business to become a public health inspector-the most reviled figure in the restaurant industry-but when he asks her back into the kitchen to help out during the restaurant's grand re-opening, she can't refuse. Chaos ensues when the guest of honor, Michelin-rated chef √Čvariste Bontecou, is found stabbed to death with Ursula's knife. Sacrebleu!
Sorting through everyone who had it in for the hot-headed, philandering French chef is worse than deboning a Coho salmon. Could it be the bad-boy sous chef eyeing his chance at the top or the conniving waitress rumored to be √Čvariste's paramour du jour? The closer Poppy gets to solving the mystery, the hotter things get. And as everyone knows: if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

My Review:
I was able to snag book two, Stick a Fork In it, from this series off Netgalley in the early summer and after reading it, decided I needed to read book one. It didn’t disappoint either. Check out my review of Stick a Fork In It.

I thought I would be met with a lot of details and set up as usually comes with first books of a series, but that definitely was not the case. There were a few new details that I learned, but these are definitely cozies that can stand on their own and out of order.

Poppy Markham's family is introduced and are great characters. My family favorite is her dad. Met with a lot of changes and hardships in this book, he is still a great dad.

My favorite overall characters are still John With and John Without. They definitely add humor to the story and life of Poppy. It was a lot of fun to learn about Poppy’s dad, stepmom, and a little more about her stepsister. I thought the crime itself was pretty clever and I did have a hard time guessing who had done it. The scheme in the crime was pretty clever.

There is a little bit of romance, not a lot, as expected, and definitely some wit. This is a great new series in the cozy mystery genre. I would recommend this book/series to all cozy mystery readers. If you are new to cozies, this would definitely be a good series to start out with.

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  1. I love series books that can hold their own as standalone. The characters sound delightful in this one! Awesome review!