Friday, December 21, 2012

Indie Author Book Review: Cowboys and Angels by Cindy Stark

Title: Cowboys and Angels (A Holiday Story)
Author: Cindy Stark
Genre: Romance
Publish Date: January 1, 2012
Personal Rating: 4 Stars

About the Book:

Katy Rivers' life has been perfect so far. Perfectly boring, that is. She's lived by the rules and made all the safe choices. She has a great accounting job, her own home, and…zero fun. She's looking for a taste of excitement, but she gets more than she bargained for when the sexy, but off-limits bad boy she dreamt about in high school is suddenly back in her life and wanting more than her number.

Scott Beckstead has grown up during the ten years since he dropped out of school. He's no longer the bad boy the town remembers. He owns a profitable construction company and keeps his wild adventures just this side of legal. A chance meeting with Katy reminds him of the one thing he always wanted, but never thought he could have.

The holidays are a time to come together, but Katy's family and friends are determined to keep her and Scott apart. If she wants Scott to stay and wants the passionate nights by the Christmas tree to become a tradition, she's going to have to leave "safe" behind.

My Review:

I decided to read a few holiday books this month. I choose this book because I had read Sweet Vengeance by Cindy Stark earlier this year and it did not disappoint.This book was no exception. I really enjoyed this book.

I loved how the author is able to create such passionate moments whether they are “positive” or “negative”. The emotional roller coaster is so evident, but it is what made this such a great read for me. Just hoping and hoping as you’re reading for things to change, it sure made it a page turner.

I thoroughly enjoyed the hero and heroine of the book. Katy was a very strong person with knowing what she wanted and choosing her path. It would be great if we all knew exactly what we wanted and were strong enough to just do it.

Even though it is a Holiday book, it is not overrun with Christmas or particulars, it is just that time of year, so this book could be read any time of year. If you are a reader of romance and have not read anything by this author, you are totally missing out. I recommend this to all readers of romance and those readers wanting to try romance.


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