Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Author Interview with Brandon Collier

Today on the blog I have Brandon Collier, indie author of Footsteps of Domingo Rhodes and several other works. Thanks Brandon for taking some time with us today.

Date: You wrote non-fictional accounts of U.S. History as a youth? What was it about U.S. History that intrigued you so much? Especially in your youth? Do you feel you have a different view now that you are older and wiser?

Brandon: Yes, I like to retell stories of yesteryear that are not told often. Take for example, Thomas Edison, how much do you know about the man besides his inventions? The personal life of people of the past is intriguing. As the years pass, I think I still like this aspect of writing and reading.

Date: Why did you choose to move to fictional stories?

Brandon: More creative freedom. I can control the outcomes, the characters, etc. It's more fun and I want to tell stories not told.

Date: The reviews from your books indicate such intense plot lines. What experiences or information do you draw on for your writing?

Brandon: Just based on my reading experiences, I find this aspect of writing that exciting feeling that keeps you turning the pages. I want to keep this aspect when I'm writing.

Date: I know when I read something so intense it either WOWs me or makes my head spin and I’m completely lost. How do you balance intensity and information overload or “misload”?

Brandon: Not easy, but you have to give it in doses. There are moments when it's called for and moments where it needs to be withdrawn.

Date: Tell us about your favorite character in The Footsteps of Domingo Rhodes. Would Brandon have this character as his friend if in real life?

Brandon: Wow, good question. Clive, I suppose. He knows who he is and doesn't try to act differently. I like people sure of themselves. I don't know about being a friend though. He's a bit too wild I must admit.

Date: As a self published author, what’s been the hardest aspect of the job for you? (writing, promoting, etc.)

Brandon: Marketing by far. I think a lot of great stories are not in the mainstream simply since we don't have well oiled machines behind us with marketing, editing, etc. You have to wear a lot of hats being self-published or have a lot of money. It's unfair but there are resources out there that try to balance it all out.

Date: Would you ever want to write screenplays again?

Brandon: Yes, for my own recreation. I know the chances are unlikely they will ever appear on screen but they're still fun to write and share to others.

Date: What brings you the most satisfaction as an author?

Brandon: Having people read my story and enjoying it. Or talk about a character or a plot point. I like to see the different viewpoints on what happens or how they feel. Putting something out there and seeing different reactions is a very beautiful thing to see.

Date: What are your future goals with writing?

Brandon: I hope to have a bookshelf of books that I wrote and be remembered as a writer with my own style. I wouldn't mind a book being converted into a movie along the way.

Date: For myself and readers of this blog, which book would you as the author suggest we read first? And why?

Brandon: The Night Sparkles or Underneath the Palms of Rio.

The Night Sparkles will give you an early taste of my style and Underneath the Palms of Rio will show you layers. There's more to my stories than just the words and plot. I want you to read the story, walk away, and say, hey I get it now, there is a message behind it all. And that message can be different for you than it is to me.

Amazing! Thanks for all those great insights behind you as the author.

An author known for gritty tales and suspenseful thrillers, Brandon started off with non-fictional accounts of U.S. History as a youth, and then switched to writing fiction novels while taking Writer's Workshop during his college years. It was there he wrote numerous screenplays and stories, including Underneath the Palms of Rio, a haunting thriller in the beautiful and dangerous backdrop of Brazil.

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