Monday, January 21, 2013

Cozy Monday Series Highlight

There are a lot of great themes in cozies. I wanted to take a week (hopefully each month) and highly cozy series with a theme that intrigues me and hopefully you will find to add to your TBR list.

The White House Chef Mystery series by Julie Hyzy is one of my favorites. The themes in this series are first cooking, as Olivia Paras (Ollie), is a Chef, and second due to its location is the White House. The White House, obviously has its serious side, and so as Ollie has her problems and issues, this adds to the action and laughter. The author has created some excellent characters that you can connect with and want to know more as you read each installment in the series.

 There are currently six books in the series, with the most recent book just released in December. I have read four of the six in the series with all of them being four star reads! Check out my reviews:

Hail to the Chef - Book #2

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Affairs of Steak Book #5

Fonduing Fathers Book #6

Check out the Author's Website here.

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  1. I can recommend another series by Patricia Morrison -- The Rennie Stride Murder Mysteries. The series title will fool ya, they really are cozies. And they're very very good.