Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Review in Rewind - Nicholas Sparks

With the movie Safe Haven coming out next month (obviously based on Nicholas Sparks book, I just wanted to do a review in rewind of this author and his books as I read all of them prior to being a blogger.
I began with his books A Bend in the Road and The Rescue. These books tend to have a little more suspense in them than the rest of his books, however, they got me hooked to the author. If you have not read these, you should definitely add them to your TBR list. The suspense just adds to the romance that is in these stories.

I then began reading all his other books that had been published at that time. I think the next one I read was The Notebook. This was my first read of his all true romance. Different than A Bend in the Road and The Rescue, however, I could see this was his niche. I absolutely loved it. I have heard many other readers express their dislike. Still interesting that there can be two sides to a book even with an International Bestselling Author. 

The next book that had such a profound affect on me was Nights of Rodanthe. Wow, this book I read so fast I could not believe it was over. I kept saying, “this author is a man and he writes romance like this?” I was completely blown away and continued devouring all of his books.

I then found myself caught up with the reading of his books and very sad that there weren’t any more. Having at a least a year’s wait, I got sidetracked with other amazing books and authors.  By the time I realized it, several books had been released and now I had more from this author. I had missed Three Weeks with my Brother, True Believer, At First Sight, Dear John, and The Choice. I then read At First Sight, and again was amazed. I then read The Choice and in my opinion found a dud. I was slightly disappointed. Then I read Dear John, oh WOW! I was blown away. I could not stop talking about that books for weeks to come and as I recommend a book to readers, I definitely see if they have read Dear John.

I am not a movie watcher either, so many of the movies based on his books I have not seen. However, I did see Last Song and was pleasantly surprised. My daughter has just asked me to go see Safe Haven when it comes out. I told her “I don’t know, we’ll see”. I just checked the library borrow list for the Kindle, 178 patrons waiting and they only have one copy. Wow, multiply that by 2 weeks minimum for check out, yeah, not getting it there. So I think I will spend some of my gift card to buy Safe Haven and read it before the movie comes out.

All in all, if you have not read this author’s romance and you like romance, you should definitely give anyone of his books a chance.


  1. Nicholas Sparks knows how to do romance!

  2. I love Sparks and ya know I haven't read one of his books in years..*sighs* thanks for spotlighting him!