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Guest Post Irving Podolsky

I have another great guest post on my blog today. A visit from Irving Podolsky. Read further for some entertainment and then get to know the author and his books.

It’s branded on my brain, that shimmering Oh…my…God! moment that reshuffled my world forever.

I was twenty-four.

Up to that time I had disregarded those strange happenings, the weird mental stuff that wouldn’t mesh with whatever I had claimed as Reality. But I couldn’t stop it. Nor could I hold the denial in place. What I was doing meant that life as I perceived wasn’t the whole picture, or even its corner. And that realization unlocked the door to an even stranger universe than the one I had plunged into twenty months before.

It was Spring, 1972. Already my world had turned upside down by working as a director in the “Adult Film” business. Right and wrong had switched places and naughty people had become my friends. My entire moral foundation had cracked apart, which meant other life anchors would soon float to the surface. I was drifting.

So I left that harbor hoping to sail back to Normal. I settled in Atlanta, Georgia working a job as far away from “normal” as anyone can get. Months later, my life was still an unrecognizable picture. I was exploding in all directions, and I needed a mundane distraction.


I sat alone in a dim and dingy second run theatre waiting for the movie to start, Harold and Maude, (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0067185/?ref_=sr_1) a must-see story for anyone who doesn’t fit in like me.

Since I was making minimum wage as an attendant to brain-damaged, psychotic kids in a mental hospital, I couldn’t afford the first run screening of that classic film. I could barely afford food and gas, and I was depressed about it.

Damn! Trapped again in Never-Enough, No-Security and No-Way-Out!

But I wanted out. I craved OUT, ‘cause where I was, on the edge, was conveying no sense of value. I needed validation from people my parents would invite to dinner, but that was not my clan; the three-to-eleven caretaker shift at the Georgia Retardation Center (http://www.hauntingreview.com/nevermore-the-long-gone-haunts-of-georgia-brook-run/). So I had to get back to my comfort zone where we all agree on what’s worthy, like fame and money, and where there’s more of that.

But you can never go back, can you? All you can do if find something similar in your future and stay with it conservatively. Nope. Not me. Still, I just wasn’t meant to be feeding teenage non-verbal’s. I was supposed to be making movies as the film graduate I once was. I was supposed to be changing the world, not diapers.

So I felt like a total looser, and that pain squeezed me through a very small hole. And on the other side of that hole, I found the place where “no” doesn’t exist, except in my own mind.


What had happened? I’ll tell you. My life had refocused on my dreams where success and normality shook my hand…until it didn’t. Those dreams changed. Radically.

They became denser and more detailed, and they didn’t fade when I woke in the mornings. And carrying them into my days, those ethereal events all made sense. They were logical. And get this. At times I didn’t even need to be sleeping. Eyes closed, I could stay awake in the dream, soaring like Superman, deciding moment to moment what I wanted to do, just like Real Life.

But in real life, I wasn’t flying, or making movies or getting famous. So I longed for my pillow, my magical door to fulfillment.

Having perfected this nocturnal imaging, I started getting facts from those dreams that I could use out of bed - things I couldn’t have possibly have known outside my visions; like a store I needed to find, or a call I was going to get, or an accident I needed to avoid, which I did.

Thus, I became a Dream Wizard. It was fascinating but frightening. And it was getting harder and harder to tell what was real and what wasn’t. Maybe I was going insane. Maybe these mental journeys were illusions brought on by a desperation to be someone else. It was easier to think that. Because if they weren’t hallucinations, then I was voyaging into realms inhabited by people and creatures in a universe much different than my own. And THAT was not the place I wanted to go!

So as I sat in that chilled empty theater finally addressing these questions, more pushed into my head.

If I were really traveling, do angels exist? What if death isn’t the end, but a portal to a place similar to my journeys? What if you don’t have to die to visit the Other Side? What if we really ARE souls that live forever? What if I’m NOT what I think I am?

If “YES” were the answer to any of those questions, then I had to conclude I was living in the Land of Miracles and that my consciousness, existing beyond skin and bones, could take me anywhere.

The revelation shuttered down my back. Intuitively I knew, that if I chose to believe in Tinker Bell’s dust, I could, in fact, FLY!

I DO believe. I DO believe. I DO believe!


Who's Irving H. Podolsky? He’s a young man who hates his name, and he thinks his parents unfairly gave it to him. They didn’t. This author did. You see, outside the trilogy of Irv's Odyssey and also Irving’s blog, there is no Irving H. Podolsky. Irv doesn’t know that though, and it’s best for all that we keep the secret to ourselves.

If you searched this author’s true identity, you'd find him laced through 23 consecutive pages of Google. That’s because he has earned nineteen film nominations and awards, including two Emmys. He is also a member of the Executive Board within his category branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and he has worked on every studio lot in Los Angeles in television and feature films.

The author’s personal life? He resides in an old house in a quaint neighborhood in Southern California. He loves vintage drums and antiques. Consequently, he has many. His wife collects and sells them. (Not drums, furniture.) He also enjoys fast sports cars so he owns two. The second is on its way to becoming vintage, which you might apply to this writer. But like Peter Pan, this writer refuses to grow old, and accordingly, Irv won’t either. Irving is perpetually twenty-five. So when the lad needs advice, he asks his alter ego, the creator of his thoughts.

Other than birthing Irv’s soul, this author leaves his character pretty much alone. Irving now has his own friends and Google links. You can contact Irv at IrvsOdyssey.com. Or check out his blog: IrvsOdysseyBlog.com. He will be happy to hear from you and respond as best as he can.

A Comic Trilogy of Extremes
Irving Podolsky is a nice Jewish boy looking for a nice Jewish girl and a job out of college which would, you know, make the world a better place. But when our hero’s food supply dwindles down to a slab of Velveeta and a jar of pickles, our lad takes his only job offer: directing porn movies. This leads to the night shift in a mental hospital, only to be replaced by the lowest rung in food service, which drives Irv so bonkers his mind ejects out of his body to the Other Side. Irv’s Odyssey is a humorous quest for truth, love and meaning while lost in alternate life styles, a psychedelic drug culture and the free-love of the seventies. Lost in a Looking Glass starts the journey.
Irving Podolsky resides in the mind of this writer and within the trilogy, Irv's Odyssey. As your storyteller, I’d like to share the adventure with your younger YOU, that which seeks fun, romance and a wild ride into the Unknown.

My plan was to take Lost in a Looking Glass with me so I could read it on our cruise. But I finished it before we even left. What a page turner!”
Gregor Wossilus – film critic, content producer and story analyst for the Bavarian Broadcasting Network

A Comic Trilogy of Extremes

Irv’s still employed at the mental hospital, a place where all the people who
don’t “fit in” get jobs behind locked doors. It’s a crazy circus and Irv’s life is far from settling down. A free-loading porn stud and con man moves into our lad’s apartment, and the jerk won’t leave! It gets worse. Irv discovers the place where humanity hides it’s most shameful secret. And it’s not in the Buckhead Steak ‘n Brew where Irv becomes a salad boy/dishwasher. And it’s not at the Cloisters Restaurant where Irv get pushed into bussing tables while tripping on acid. And it’s not in Europe where he meets three people who change his life in ways he only read about in Sci-Fi novels and mystical books. Actually that “shameful secret” is no secret at all, yet only Irv wants to know it. Will our friend ever find his way back to Normal? Not yet.

"It’s forceful, funny, and has the ring of truth.  I looked forward to getting back to it each night, and that’s a great sign that the book is ALIVE."
Daniel Asa Rose – NEA Literary Fellow, Book Reviewer, Travel Columnist and Author of his latest book, the acclaimed memoir “Larry’s Kidney”

A Comic Trilogy of Extremes

Food service and Irving Podolsky are NOT friends. Still, Irv rises to the level of waiter in the Fairmont Hotel. What about his film career, making the world a better place and finding a nice Jewish chick? Well, instead, Irv meets an exotic older girl from Germany. Could she be the one, Irvs forever, but not-Jewish-at-all soul mate? Ben suggests she is. Ben is a drawling spirit voice channeled through a Puerto Rican pothead. And Ben knows all about Irv’s recent nocturnal fly-outs: those uncontrollable out-of-body trips that bring him to the Other Side where he encounters creepy crawlers in attack mode and goes back and forth in time and into his own future. These bizarre events are not dreams or fantasies. They are real. For as Irv finds out, magic and miracles do exist. And so does true love, if he can just convince his parents, it’s okay to marry a shiksa.

"I have just finished your third book and I am crying.  So moving, so good. I have been living in this story since I started it, and right now, I want to be quiet and just enjoy what I have been given."
Leslie Talbott, Ph.D.-- Educator, Psychologist and Academic Author

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