Friday, April 12, 2013

Financial Friday Dave Ramsey

Financial Friday
I have spent the last several months trying to get my finances in order and really buckling down on paying off debt, saving money, cutting back on expenses. Through that time, I’ve read several blogs and books and decided I wanted to share this information with my blog readers. Especially since you were the ones who got short shafted when I was using up my time researching and reading this other stuff and not reading regular books for my blog. With that said, I have decided to start Financial Friday and share what I have learned and inspire others to do the same.

Dave Ramsey
My first step in taking control started with the name Dave Ramsey. I had heard of Dave Ramsey and his seven baby steps several years ago. A friend of mine had completed his Financial Peace course and shared her thoughts with me. At that time I thought it was a great idea, pursued possibly taking the course but it quickly fizzled out of my mind. So late December, I decided it was time to really take the money horse by the reigns and Googled his name and read all about these seven baby steps.

1. Emergency Fund
2. Pay Off Debt
3. 3 to 6 Months Expense Savings
4. Invest 15% in Retirement
5. College Funding
6. Pay Off Mortgage
7. Build Wealth and Give

Checkout his website for lots of of information and tools. Spend time reading and learning about all seven baby steps and his reasons why. Also, check out all the other amazing people who have begun to put his baby steps to work and see what will work for you.

In the first three months of 2013, I have completed baby step #1 and grabbed a nice hold on baby step #2.

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  1. I've had step one in place for a while, (thank goodness, because I only earlier this month finally found a job albeit right now a temporary one, but I'll take what I can get.) And now, with this job, I am slowly, starting to work on step number two.