Monday, May 6, 2013

Cozy Monday Upcoming Releases

Tomorrow's a big day!! Check out some new releases that will be arriving in availability tomorrow. A few are debuts in new series and others are from series that have been around a long time. Enjoy!!

Angora Alibi by Sally Goldenbaum
#7 in Seaside Knitters Mystery

Topped Chef by Lucy Burdette
#3 in Key West Food Critic Mystery

Dead White and Blue by Carolyn Hart
#23 in Death on Demand

Kneading to Die by Liz Mugavero
#1 in Pawsitively Organic Mysteries

Gluten for Punishment by Nancy Parra
#1 in Baker's Treat Mystery

Killer in Crinolines by Duffy Brown
#2 in Consignment Shop Mysteries

Murder in Chelsea by Victoria Thompson
#15 in Gaslight Mysteries

Hex on the Ex by Rochelle Staab
#3 Mind for Murder Mystery

The Begonia Bribe by Alyse Carlson
#2 in Garden Society Mysteries

Board Stiff by Elaine Viets
#12 in Dead-End Job

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