Friday, June 7, 2013

Flashback Friday (June 2012 Edition)

What was June 2012 like on A Date with a Book?

This will be a new feature for me the first Friday of each month. Name of the feature and idea borrowed from Dating Divas and inspired by a post by GirlXOXO. Having evolved through the year and a half of blogging, I thought it would be awesome to share with readers what my history was like. Posting in various formats, my main focus will be to share top posts as well as my favorite book review or post from the same month one year prior. 

Top Posts

Top Post of June 2012 
Writing Book Reviews 
 I wanted to write better reviews and so researched and wrote this post.

 Second Top Post of June 2012
I began a call for Indie Authors to submit their book requests and received more than I could handle. However, read this post about my reasons for reading Indie Authors.

While looking back at my posts in June 2012, there were a few things I sighed over and cringed over. Okay maybe not cringed but glad I had moved forward. In May 2012 I tried creating a weekly feature to highlight free Kindle Books and found a few of the final reviews in June 2012. I realized that life does get in the way of a blogger and the time commitment was too much. Also, sometimes I just wanted to read what I wanted to read. Wow, what experience will help with growth and refining for a blogger. 

Okay so here is my attempt at refining what I had started in May to actually try and make it work. And here is the only freebie review I was able to post the month of June 2012. However, I did enjoy this book and thought it was quite a find.

My Top Book Review pick for June 2012
click here to read full review

Thanks for joining me for the first "issue" of Flashback Friday. 
What were you doing on your blog last year this same month?

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  1. I love this idea for a post series, and thanks for mentioning my post :-) I cringe when I look back at some of my first posts - the book summary was longer than the book discussion - yikes :-)