Saturday, August 3, 2013

August is Romance Month

August is National Read a Romance Month! I do love a good romance and have several on my schedule for this month. I hope time and life will allow me to get to all of them and share a review with you.

However, today I have a list of some of my favorite romance books. Since I am an eclectic reader of genres, including the romance genre, my list will be very eclectic. I think most readers will be able to find a book to their liking.

This was a new author to me at the end of last year. All of her books I have thoroughly enjoyed, but this one was by far my favorite. A very clean romance read, but does have some pretty intense suspense moments at the beginning of the book.

The first book was a free Kindle download. I loved this series. A very clean romance and a lot of fun family humor.

I don't read a lot of young adult books, but this was one of my favorites. I loved the romance story as well as the paranormal element.

This romance book is not for the light reader. Also, is not your typical romance plot either. I had to throw this one in there because I thought this book was amazing. It can be confusing in the beginning, but if you're patient and stick it out, this book comes together beautifully in the end.

This was another new author to me last year and I absolutely love all of her books. However, this one was my all time favorite. A clean romance, but intense in its plot.

This is my all time romance series favorite. With a total of 12 books, the series is complete. If you are looking for a clean, light romance read, and don't want it to end (very soon), then this series is definitely one you should try.

Read before I began blogging, I absolutely loved this book of this series. I have only read one other in the series, and enjoyed it okay, but not nearly as much as this one. I would really like to get back into reading some more of her books. This romance definitely has its hotter scenes, but definitely adds humor as well. 

I feel I could go on and on with my list, but will stop with these. Hopefully these will give you some new reads to try!! What romances would be on your recommend list?

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