Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bloggiesta 2013 Wrap Up

Whew! What a great and exhausting weekend. I was able to accomplish a ton and learn a lot. Thanks Bloggiesta!! Below are my exact details of what I completed this weekend.

Original To Do List Completion Status:
1. Be Inspired by all 16 mini-challenges. Try and complete at least 4 of those challenges this weekend.
2. Read all bloggers To Do List posts and be inspired some more.Only got through 40, but will definitely still refer back. Such good information here!!
3. Update Review Page to include all past book reviews.
4. Update reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, and B&N for past reviews that have not been done. (I'm so bad at keeping this updated.)
5. Complete at least 2 Gimp tutorials from my learning to do list.
6. Complete at least 5 Web Design/Code tutorials I also have waiting on that same to do list.
7.  Have lots of fun with bloggers and Bloggiesta!!

Additional items I completed: To Do List:
Added Disqus
Added nRelate and removed LinkWithin
Participated in the final Twitter chat
Created a Review Post Check List Inspired by Geeky Bloggers Post  http://www.geekybloggersbookblog.com/bloggiesta-fall-2013-starting-line/

Challenges Completed:
Brainstorming Ideas @ My Little Pocketbook
Gathered a couple more ideas for my list

Book Blogging Heroes @ Book Bloggers International
I actually commented on quite a few more than three participating bloggers. I also found some new blogs that I added to my Bloglovin Feed and subscribed by Email. I also plan on touting out my blogging heroes in the next few months.

What is IFTTT and How Do I Use It? @The BookVixen
I joined IFTTT and created four personal recipes. I will definitely explore this service further and make my life easier!!

Digital Decluttering @BooksATrueStory
I use several different computers to do my blogging and downloading of books and documents. I had recently done one of the computers and backed up what I wanted to on a thumb drive. I cleaned up all my other computers as well. Great challenge reminder to clean up!!

I can't wait for January 25th. Mini challenge!!


  1. I am so glad you got a lot done and that you found a few ideas fo post along the way. Congrats on getting it all done. I love Bloggiesta for the same reason. :)