Friday, September 27, 2013

A Cozy Weekend with Krista Davis ~ Diva Takes the Cake

This weekend we’re headed to a wedding in Alexandria Virginia for Sophie’s sister, Hannah. While we’re there, we can take a stroll through Old Town or grab a beer at Bernie’s Pub. If we don’t like our lodging accommodations, I’m sure we can stay with Sophie. It may be a little cramped, but definitely comical and plenty of good food.

With days to the wedding, the groom’s ex-wife is found murdered in Natasha’s backyard. It’s a good thing the wedding isn’t being held there, so the wedding is still on schedule. It also looks like Sophie will have time for sleuthing as her ex-husband’s wife Natasha has so graciously taken over the wedding preparations. With fireworks and water, the wedding accommodations are quickly changed to Sophie’s backyard. And what is with the potting shed?

Title: Diva Takes the Cake   
Series: A Domestic Diva Mystery #2   
Author: Krista Davis   
Publish Date: June 2, 2009
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Source: paperback from library


Characters: There are several of them, but fairly easy to follow. All of them are entertaining in their own sort of way. Humphrey reminded me of Gunther from the Friends television show. I did enjoy young Jen in the story. Not typically is a young character so prominent in a cozy mystery.
Location and Setting: I said this with the last book and I think this is what makes me enjoy this setting so much is that I feel like I'm watching home for the holidays. A movie from the 80's where the family is chaotic in its dealing with everyone. I love how much of the story takes place right on Sophie and Natasha's street, between  their two homes. As the story progresses and the family comes to town for the wedding, the craziness just continues.
Crime: I wasn’t sure where this was going. It had me up and down, and guessing all over the place. Very well done.

Romance: All over the place. Everyone is involved or wants to be involved with someone. This also had a comical capacity in the story line. And Jen knows what’s up with everyone.

This was a fun book. I didn't like the first one as well as I did this one. And I don’t think you need to read these books in order to know what’s going on.

Author Bio:
Krista Davis writes the nationally bestselling Domestic Diva Mysteries. Her first book, The Diva Runs Out of Thyme, was nominated for an Agatha award. Krista's Halloween mystery, The Diva Haunts the House, made the extended New York Times bestseller list and was also nominated for an Agatha award. The Season E-zine says "The mystery is clever, the plot has more twists and turns than a funhouse maze, and the sense of atmosphere is so strong you can practically smell the wood smoke and hear the dead leaves rattling in the street." The Diva Frosts a Cupcake releases in June. 

Krista Davis Author Page


  1. I like this series! I've only read the first one but I need to read more :)

  2. I liked this book much more than book one. Book one left me undecided on the series but I'm glad I picked up this one.

  3. Are you really going to be in Alexandria this weekend? I live 10 min away. :)

    -Rebecca @ Love at First Book

  4. That sounds perfect to me. I haven't been reading enough fun books recently.

  5. I am going to have to put this one on my check out list! :) :) I am reading at least 2 cozies during Dewey's!