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Cozy Weekend with September Fair by Jess Lourey

Were headed to the Minnesota State Fair in St. Paul, where Milkfed Mary, Queen of the Dairy is having her head carved out of butter. Mira James, journalist, is on duty from Battle Lake Recall, a small town paper, covering the events of the fair. The carving doesn't "fair" so well as the subject was found dead after a short power outage during the event. Mira's boss as well as the victim's mother ask Mira to see what she can find out and help solve the case. From covering the events of the fair, to eating the food, interviewing beauty pageant princesses, and hanging with her elderly friends, Mira has a grand time.

Title: September Fair
Series: Murder by Month Mystery #5
Author: Jess Lourey
Publish Date: September 2009
Publisher: Midnight Ink
Source: free Kindle download


Characters: There are quite a few characters, but several you really get to know. Johnny, Mrs. Berns, Kennie Rogers, Aeon, Lars, Janis and a few of the dairy princesses. My favorite characters were Mrs. Berns and Kennie Rogers. They are Mira's homies from Battle Lake and stay with her nearly the entire time of the fair. Quite characters themselves, they find plenty to do on their own, as well as adventures for Mira to join in. I hope they are in other books of this series.

Location and Setting: The location and setting is the Minnesota State Fair. Livestock, food, and entertainment. Be careful if you're reading the book while hungry, Mira describes all of the fair food. Made me very hungry and made me feel like I was there. The fair is was described as being quite large. According to Wikipedia, it is the largest state fair in the United States in terms of average daily attendance. I do like how the author has made this fair its own cozy town.
Crime: The murder happens right in the beginning of the book. The details about solving the crime is written very well through the rest of the pages of the book. Mira's adventures while trying to find "who dunit" are quite entertaining. When she's alone, the book and story don't lose their steam.

Romance: Very mild. However, I do have to wonder if there will be competition in the next book.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I can't believe I waited so long to read it. I have a few others of this series on my Kindle. I hope I can get to them soon.

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Author Bio:
Jess Lourey is the author of the Lefty-nominated Murder-by-Month mysteries set in Battle Lake, Minnesota, and featuring amateur sleuth, Mira James. Jess has been teaching writing and sociology at the college level since 1998.

When not raising her wonderful kids, teaching, or writing, you can find her gardening, traveling, and navigating the niceties and meanities of small-town life. She is a member of Sisters in Crime, The Loft, and Lake Superior Writers, and serves on the national board of Mystery Writers of America.

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