Tuesday, October 1, 2013

TTT - Reasons I DNF a Book

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week a topic is given and bloggers participating by responding with lists centered around that topic.

This week's topic: Book Turn-Offs. 

1. Didn’t grab my attention.
It didn’t grab my attention in 50 pages or lease. Not a strict guideline, but I figure if my interest has not been peaked even a little by then, I do not have high hopes that it will ever grab my interest and be the longest book I’ve read. Not worth finishing under those circumstances.

2. Book description inaccurate.
If a book description does not indicate erotic or steamy romantic scenes, and I surprisingly get to one in the book, this can turn me off. Describe well what you have written.

3. Suspect a typical ending or a premature ending.
You can see it coming from page 1. No intrigue, twist, or variation through the story. You are headed down a straight path. You think, should I continue or DNF the book. You still have 50 or so pages and the mystery or crime has wrapped up. Really?

4. Cheesy cover and title.
This one I didn’t even get to page 1. A cheesy cover. I think a cover and title included, are what sells your book first and foremost. It is then from this attraction that a reader will then read your book description (see #2 above). Spend some time to get a cover that is fitting.

5. Read this before?
Reading a book that seriously mimics ideas and plot lines from other books. Be different. Even though I read cozy mysteries a lot, and they are basically plotted the same, there is enough variation with the crime and characters that can make them different.

What are your book turn-offs?



  1. I have ran into the I have read it before. I don't really count those as DNF but more CRS (can't remember stuff) LOL

  2. I'm with you on #5. Definitely a turn off when cozy authors use similar plot points :(

  3. OOh nice list! Agree with a lot of these. Although I am such a stickler for detail that the last one doesn't always apply to me. I can see the differences in books that seem alike. At least to me, I find that the authors all have their own voice and I enjoy reading each and every one of them!

    Of course, my opinion is slightly biased since I wrote my own vampire novel that may seem like every other vampire book in the sense that the heroine discovers vampires exist and all that whatnot. But naturally I can point out how mine is completely different from others! So I guess I can easily spot the differences among other similar reads as well!

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  4. I hate when book descriptions are inaccurate! I read Among Others a few months ago, and I loved it; however, the description of the book suggests that there is a ton of action/adventure when that is not the case at all.

  5. Yeah I CRS a lot lately!! I remember my mom running into this problem continually and saying oh I've read that. At least we have Goodreads or Booklikes to help us what we've read.

  6. Just think of the opposite, if the book description is wrong and I read something I don't like, I don't buy the book!! Definitely something that authors should think about.

  7. I think authors, if talented and should be writing, can change things up a little bit. Do something different!