Tuesday, October 15, 2013

TTT - Books I Was Forced To Read

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week a topic is given and bloggers participating by responding with lists centered around that topic.

This week's topic:
Top Ten Books I Was Forced to Read 
(either by teachers, friends, other bloggers, or reviews) 

 College assignment for a business class. At the time I wasn't really fond of it, but have come to refer to it many times in situations or explaining situations.

Fish and Cheese were books that were passed around at work for reading. This was to help employees improve morale around the work place. Upper management was also supposed to read both these books and a special one for them. It was interesting, I didn't love these books and they didn't have the impact on me as Dale Carnegie's. 

  This was a required high school read, but one I really enjoyed. I don't recall the exact story, so it may be time for a re-read. 

Obviously another high school required, but it was a lot of Shakespeare and not just Romeo and Juliet. These required reads did not connect with me and I didn't enjoy them at all. I've thought of reading Romeo and Juliet again as an adult to see if my feelings have changed at all with growth and maturity.


I love book club choices. (three books above) I was not anticipating any enjoyment out of these books when chosen for book clubs I was involved in. However, I think that is the perfect reason one why should be involved in a book club. It does take you out of your comfort zone and many times a reader can be surprised with some excellent choices they wouldn't have read otherwise. The Thirteenth Tale (below) was also a book club choice and one I was not a fan of at all. However, I am glad I read it. I think I'm not fond of Goth Fiction.

This is one book I was forced to read kind of myself. This book was never assigned to me in school and I heard rave reviews from many co-workers, friends, and other places that I decided I had to give it a read. I was very glad I did. I think I may have enjoyed it more as an adult than if I would have read it in my younger year. This is one I also enjoyed the movie and that is something I typically don't do.

What Forced Book was your biggest enjoyment?


  1. Romeo and Juliet and To Kill a Mockingbird were ones I had to read in school as well. Although they weren't faves of mine. A lot of people seemed to like them in class, but I just couldn't get into them. Of course I was the girl spending a hour or two in Borders looking for a YA paranormal read, which consisted of pulling out nearly each and every book on the shelf trying to find one!

    Yeah, my mom had to spend a LOT of time in the cafe! I guess my love and want of paranormal reads led me to not like quite a few of the classics I HAD to read.

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  2. Loved To Kill a Mockingbird! I didn't read it for school either, but on my own as a teenager. I'm always glad that I did. Interesting list, haven't read quite a few of these! :)

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