Friday, October 25, 2013

Cozy on the Weekend with Victoria Hamilton ~ A Bran New Death

We get to go with Merry Wynter today to Autumn Vale, NY. She’s just inherited a mansion from her late Uncle Melvin. Other than visiting the mansion and her uncle one previous time, Merry is perplexed as to why he would leave the property and estate to her. Upon arriving at the mansion, Merry discovers someone has been digging holes in the yard. Quickly planning to fix up the inside and fill in the holes in the yard, Merry begins hiring locals to do some handiwork for her. This work is halted when a dead body is found on the property. 

Title: Bran New Death
Series: Merry Muffin Mystery #1
Author: Victoria Hamilton
Publish Date: September 3, 2013
Publisher: Signet
Source: eARC from Publisher via Netgalley


My most favorite characters were Merry’s friends from New York. Shilo and Pish. They both came at different times in the story to help Merry. I hope they stay around in the next book of this series. They definitely added some humor and flair to the town of Autumn Vale. My favorite local was Jack McGill. As the real estate agent and then the hired local hand, I at first thought he was a little annoying, but by the end of the book I really liked him.

Location and Setting:
I loved the whole feeling I had while reading this book. It was kind of a creepy, unsure kind of feeling. Definitely not cozy, but I loved it. It was almost suspenseful like and I was turning the pages. It seemed that everyone had something to hide.

This crime was very unique to a cozy mystery. I liked the suspense that surrounded Merry when she would go in search of the clues. Not being familiar with anyone and the local area as well, I think that it was made the suspense more intense. (Now this isn’t suspense like you would find in a Thriller/Suspense book, but definitely had more edge than a cozy.)

There’s definitely romance happening throughout the book. Many different couples at various stages of romance throughout the book. There’s also revealing romances along the way. I’m excited to see what the outcome with Virgil will be in future installments.

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  1. I love looking at the series names! I hadn't heard of this one---going to put it on my Christmas list ;)