Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday Suggestion ~ Monthly Link Roundup

A weekly feature of mine, where I suggest books, blog tips, and fun places to visit.

Today's post is a collection of links I've found interesting and entertaining over the last month.

Dear Author shares How to Back Up Your Kindle Books. I never would have thought this was something I needed to do.

Gone Reading is a site I began following quite a long time ago. They have some new Gifts for Readers I absolutely adore; the floating bookshelf and the book rest lamp to mention a few.

Are you planning to host a book shower in the near future. Here's a fun theme idea from Parenting Quad, A Children's Book Themed Baby Shower.

This next link I found in my local news and not book related, but wanted to share. The words bench warmer in the title interested me, especially since I help coach a soccer team and we try to involve everyone equally. The words of the mother at the very end are heart felt.

Last but not least, blogger Parajunkee talks about burnout. However, we can all benefit if we just stop by her blog, read this article about Burnout Continues, and leave some suggestion ideas. Let's see if we can all help her out!!

Happy Saturday!!

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