Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thursday Thirteen: Blogger Tools I Love

Photo Credit: Lentina_X

Thursday Thirteen: Blogger Toolbox
  1. Google Drive - because it is portable and I can update my files whether at work, at home on my desktop, out with the iPad, or watching TV with my laptop.
  2. Evernote - ditto as above, but also I love the check boxes to check off my list.
  3. Netgalley - the wonderful authors and publishers willing to allow me to before release for free.
  4. Kindle - my right hand man for all my reading and organizing what's to read next.
  5. Flickr Creative Commons - to provide beauty to my posts from wonderful photographers who are willing to allow Bloggers to use as long as we show credit. Check out their other wonderful photos!
  6. Twitter and Facebook - to be able to share and interact with Bloggers, Authors, and others to find wonderful reviews, posts, and insights to new book news.
  7. Pinterest - to be influenced from the wonderful pins from everyone. I do sometimes get distracted from reading and blogging on this site, but I love to share on my pin boards.
  8. Amazing Bloggers - who also share their creative ideas and inspire me with new posts and ideas. Thanks!
  9. Awesome Authors - who provide the lovely reading material and on many occasions a free ARC and interview.
  10. Thumbdrive - where I back up my Blog to just in case, heaven forbid, it were to crash!!
  11. Memes - to share with others in similar themes and suggestions every week. Thanks to those who host these wonderful weekly events.
  12. Hootsuite - to allow me to continue to share, even if I am tied up with work or meetings. I also love to be able to categorize the social media and find wonderful discussions to participate in.
  13. IFTTT - new tool that I absolutely love and have just touched the tip of the iceberg with. Thanks Book Vixen!


  1. My Kindle is permanently attached to my hand! I don't think I would read as much as I do, if I didn't have it.

  2. I agree. I read more with it than books now. So portable!

  3. So true!! Yet, it can be so helpful at times as well with various projects and assignments.

  4. This post is awesome! I have to say. . . Google Drive is AMAZING. It's so easy to use, even easier than Dropbox, which is always a great tool!

  5. I haven't figured out IFTTT quite yet, but it sounds pretty fascinating.

  6. It's come in handy, but there is still so much I can learn. Jump in if you're interested!

  7. How have you done with IFTTT? There's so much it can do. It's awe inspiring!