Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thirteen Reasons I Love Evernote

Photo Credit: Lentina_X

Joining in the fun found over at Book Vixen, I have another Thursday Thirteen List.

Why I love Evernote 

  1. the check box - I can make checklists and as I finish each item, I click the checkbox
  2. mobile - I can retrieve my notes and lists anywhere
  3. printable - If needed, I can print and it becomes permanent
  4. organization - I love how you can organize different notebooks for various items
  5. easy to use - This application is not hard to use.
  6. tool - one of my main tools for blogging
  7. format - you can format just like in a word processor
  8. disposable - when you're done with a note, you can just delete
  9. email notebook - if you need to send notes to someone, just send through email
  10. trash retrievable - as stated in #8, you can delete, but if you didn't want to, it's still retrievable
  11. free - no money needed to get started
  12. searchable - the entire "note" and "notebooks" are searchable
  13. it has a cute icon - who doesn't love the icon
Do you use Evernote? What do you love about it?

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