Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Book Review: Down Dog Diary by Sherry Roberts

Take a drive northwest of the Twin Cities in Minnesota and in less than an hour we will have arrive at Gabriel’s Garden. A quick stop at the Breathe Yoga Studio with Maya on Mondays will sure to be a treat, but don’t be surprised if the group is not in the grove of yoga.

Maya has just become the keeper of the shaman diary after learning her long time friend Tum had passed away. Expecting the book to smell musty and old, when she put hers nose to it, she smells a wide range of wonderful smells. Maya doesn’t know a lot about the book other than Tum kept it hidden away and was very special to him. Soon after receiving the book, things begin to change and she doesn’t wonder if they have anything to do with the book.

Title: Down Dog Diary
Author: Sherry Roberts
Publish Date: October 2013
Publisher: Osmyrrah Pub
Source: eARC from Author

I received this book from the author for a honest review. Not knowing what I was getting myself into, I accepted to read the book based on its theme, Yoga. I was pleasantly surprised with the writing and storyline of the book.

Maya’s family reminded me a lot of Dharma’s (on Dharma and Greg old TV show), except Maya has a sister named Heart. Maya calls her parents by their names, Larry and Evie, instead of mom and dad. Maya has a niece named Sadie who absolutely thinks the world of Maya and Heart is always walking on eggshells to protect Sadie and her husband, David.

Maya takes a trip to Whispering Spirit to visit Tum’s place. She was able to visit with a lot of the townspeople, where she grew up and had great memories of Tum. It was very interesting to learn about the beliefs and rituals of these people here and how they still lived.

I loved the descriptions in the book of both Gabriel’s Garden and Whispering Spirit. Both cozy places with an alternative feel. The characters were very well developed. My favorite character is Jorn. While I wasn’t so sure about him in the beginning, he definitely had my liking by the end of the book.

This was not a “typical” cozy mystery. As I started reading, I was scrunching up my eyebrows in wonderment. However, it is definitely a cozy mystery and done very well. I liked the new fresh ideas and the way the story was told, not following a typical plot of a cozy mystery.

Author Bio:
Everything I write is about enjoying the journey. Of course, sometimes the journey stinks, and sometimes it smells like fresh-baked bread. I write about both. 

I started writing essays as a reporter in Missouri (Springfield Daily News) and Vermont (The Burlington Free Press). For a few years, I wrote op-ed pieces for USA Today. Those were sometimes insane trips, where I got the topic at 4 p.m. and was expected to do research, write, and dictate a piece by 2 p.m. the next day. (Yes, to all those who weren’t even eating solid food in that pre-fax, pre-email, pre-Internet time, I said dictate.)

For info about the author, check out her web page Sherry Roberts.

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