Thursday, February 6, 2014

25 Book Blog Post Ideas

At the end of last year when I was reworking my blog and deciding some focus areas, I began using Google and brainstorming for post ideas. There are many ideas out there, but I realized that from reading all these posts, my creative juices were flowing. Now, I'm not sure if you've ever done such a search and spent much time (you need to do both to be successful), but it was amazing how the focus I wanted came together. It was with these ideas that I devised my new blogging schedule. These ideas are not to span day after day after day, but to be worked in that schedule and provide several posts over the year.

While this is not a complete list of ideas, hopefully it will inspire you with some new ideas that are on the list or that pop in your head while reading through this list.

  1. A list of post ideas to help others (such as this one).
  2. Tips for staying organized with blogging.
  3. Favorites places to read (with photos would be fun).
  4. Recommend some great bookish gifts.
  5. Cool libraries or bookstores you would love to visit.
  6. Your reading pet peeves.
  7. Who inspired your love of books?
  8. How do you decide your next book?
  9. Who are the best/worst couples in literature?
  10. Why I love reading a certain genre.
  11. How do you catalog your books?
  12. All about e-readers.
  13. Share photos of some bookish tattoos.
  14. Why do you love to read?
  15. blogging and reading slumps, how to overcome
  16. Importance of a library in your kids' lives.
  17. How to network with other bloggers.
  18. Memes
  19. Challenge review/round-up
  20. Share info all about your favorite author.
  21. A collected list of blogging tips.
  22. What type of reader are you?
  23. Favorite childhood books.
  24. Explain your definition of a 5 Star review.
  25. All the reasons you love books and reading. 
Did you have any inspiring thoughts? Leave a note in the comments.

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  1. Mine are always spur of the moment aka I saw something, did something, thought something and bam there is my discussion post. I wish I could be a planner but anytime you see a Blogger Confession it was probably written that morning LOL

  2. That is awesome!! I'm not so much a spontaneous type person in pretty much all aspects of life, but love someone who can write something off the cuff. I have to write, ponder, think, re-write, I just can't commit that fast.

  3. GREAT post, I am SO needing this right now. Thanks for linking up!

  4. Thank you for this list! Such great ideas. I've definitely got a few blog post ideas brewing now.

  5. That is essentially how I work too. Most of the time it comes from the book that I am currently reading, and then there are random things that come to mind from different things I am subscribed to talking about a topic of interest and I go and post about it.